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Good bordeaux wine to lie down offered by TWS


Dear All,

i have recently joined The Wine Society and just wanted to know what bordeaux wines offered at around the £20 range anyone would recommend to lie down for a year or two and any bordeaux wines that people tried and really didnt like and or loved?

Thanks in Advance


Hiya George! And welcome to The Society. :smiley:

I’m sure you’ll soon be inundated with recommendations from this lot, but I thought I’d just give a couple of suggestions:

A recent find and a bit of a rare opportunity to taste a nearly 20-year-old claret at less than £15! I’ve just bought a couple… I’m getting to try some later so I can report back?!

If you’re new, you probably haven’t seen our En Primeur offers yet (there’s a handy infographic about how it works here if you’re new to en primeur in general) but if you’re looking to start laying down some inexpensive but lovely Bordeaux it’s a great place to start. :blush:

There’s some leftover stocks of the last offer we did - the 2016 vintage - via the link above, and there’s Chateau Beaumont (£102 per dozen en primeur) which always seems to be delicious and you won’t have to wait too long to sample the Chateau Lacoste-Borie Pauillac (£114 per six en primeur) if you’re looking for something you don’t need to lay down for too long!

Hope this helps - over to all you more experienced Bordeaux fans!


Hi George,

So first off I wanted to say that there are a couple of mixed cases at the moment left bank and right bank that average to just under £20 a bottle with some really good examples that will improve over the next couple of years. They offer a pretty decent coverage of styles (esp the Left bank case) and also as a benefit can be put straight into reserves if you’d like to store for a couple of years.

Another really good one is the Pauillac Ulysse, this is real classic Pauillac that come from one of the very top producers, but is labelled under this label and at a reduced price.

The Baron de Brane is a 2nd wine of an improving producer, it was a so-so year, but is really classic style claret, elegant and lighter than some of the bruisers that are around.

I also just wanted to speak out in favour of a wine that I really like and usually have bottles on hand for more modest enjoyment. Pey La Tour is really quite consistent and a nice, more everyday claret. It does improve with a little bit of age and while not going to blow the socks off is another example of what good lower level claret can deliver. I bought a case in last year’s EP and will possibly do so again in the next.

Anyway, sorry for that rather long post, hope it helps!


There is another topic focused on bordeaux where you might find some more suggestions:



Great call Hugo,

The £18 Pauillac was the one that I would recommend.
I have bought it over successive vintages and for me takes 4 hours in the decanter to fully come into its own. But it is so, so good and the last drop out of the final glass is always the best. Sob!!:cry:




@georgeparkinson21 - I was fixing some broken links and came across your post and wondered if you had ever started buying wines for lying down - and what you had chosen. Do you have new ideas to suggest?


Hi Robert,

Yes, i only buy cases for lying down for a good number of years, as im only 21 years old i thankfully have time on my hands so i dont mind waiting long amounts of time.

Well, i am new to collecting as such, therefore i only have bordeaux at the moment. I started by tasting wines from different appellations to decide what i like and don’t like. From that i tried to get a case from each appellation for variety.

So for Pomerol i have 2014 Clos du Clocher
St Estephe 2015 Beau-site (bought from TWS)
St Emilion 2016 Cote De Baleau (TWS)
Moulis 2015 Dutruch Grand Poujeaux (TWS)
Pauillac 2016 D’armailhac (BBR)

As i am a student my budget per case is less than i would like but i still am able to find some great wines! I posted on another thread with a question, deciding between the 2015 Chateau Siran and the 2015 Grand Corbin Despagne


Ah, yes! I saw the other thread but didn’t make the connection.

Wow, how many of us would have liked to have your foresight and started collecting some cases of wine when we were 21 (in my case that would have been in 1992 when even the top wines were still relatively affordable)!!

Great to see your list. Where are you storing these?


Oh sure, I am having some problems with the other thread actually, a gentleman asked to see the 2015 EP remaining stocks that i was emailed but i dont know how to post the document link?

Thats very true! i thought i may aswell start young.

I will actually intend to store all of the wines with the merchant i bought them from originally