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Going Dutch. Wine merchants in The Hague


Does anyone know a good wine merchant in The Hague in Holland?

I’ve got a few days R’n’R there next week and I’m staying with some beer-loving friends that I’d love to convert from the grain to the grape, but I’ll need the right bottles to do so.

Bit obscure I know but if you don’t ask…


Hi @Paul_Trelford, I lived in Den Hague for a year about 11 years ago and absolutely loved it there! It’s extremely cosmopolitan and there are some amazing restaurants off the beaten track as well as in the touristy type areas. I lived in Statenquarter and there’s a great street called Frederick Hendriklaan with lots of artisan type foodie shops and wine stores. I can’t remember all the names of them but definitely check out that street and have a great time, the onbeach pop up restaurants open up again at the beginning of April along Scheveningen. This is not to he missed and if you like seafood the restaurants around the little yachting port are amazing. :+1:


Thanks so much for feeding back so quickly. I shall make a beeline for Frederick Hendriklaan street and report back! What a wonderful place this Community is!


Thanks so much for the advise. Just spent a lovely morning strolling up and down Frederick Hendriklaan in Den Hague in the glorious spring sunshine. It is indeed a haven of scrummy food and vino.

I decided on Prins Wijn for its good selection of well curated vino.

This is manager Benjamin - who was absolutely delighted to be featured on our pages.

He reckons the following will ‘blow ze socks off!’

I’ll let you know.

That’s Paul Trelford reporting from the front line exclusively for The Society’s Community.


@Paul_Trelford, that’s fantastic, glad the sun is shinning and you’ve got hold of some nice “blow ze socks off” wijn :+1:…!! I literally lived around the corner from that street . Hope the rest of your stay is enjoyable :grin:!