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Goat Tower Cam

Some South Africans only know Fairview for its cheese, much made from its herd of goats, but it’s a leading and innovative winery responsible for introducing varieties new to the Cape, such as Petite Sirah and various Italian varieties.

Their logo is the Goat Tower, located in front of the winery.

Since they are locked down and one cannot visit them, they have a live web cam focused on their Goat Tower.


All Goat - no smell!

(incidentally, forum software tells me this topic is similar to the thread on Goat Curry Recipe, which I thought was a trifle insensitive… :slight_smile:


Well, that’s the rest of my quarantine sorted. Thank you!

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That is awesome

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had some of their Viognier a couple of years ago - very nice for the price

Fairview were the first in the Cape to make Viognier, their first vintage was 1998.

We were entranced by their sweet Special Late Harvest Viognier 2007 and bought a case at the winery for delivery to our home. It cost all of £5 a bottle then.

TWS have listed several Fairview wines over the years. Currently only the superb sweet La Beryl Blanc Straw Wine and Goats do Roam are listed. I used to really enjoy that multi- variety blend nod to the Rhone, but when I tasted it in last month at the winery I was disappointed as it seemed thin.


We really enjoyed their Bushvine Cinsault, sadly no longer available: