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'Go to' house wines?


I was just wondering what everyone’s house white/house red was - over and above those special bottles or nicer bottles for the weekend. I am unfortunately not in a position to simply reach into the wine rack and pick out another Gevrey Chambertin GC although I am starting to push the bottle price up a bit after reducing my overall wine consumption.

For me the house red is the entry level Delas (although have enjoyed the Saint Espirt and have 2 bottle of 2015 Delas Crozes Hermitage Domaine des Grands Chemins in my EP offer wines I am looking forward to).

For the house white is has been the fist full of schist Chenin blanc but currently looking around for other white options.

What does everyone else have at home?

The Society's South African Chenin Blanc 2017
What should my house wine be?
House wine anybody?
What should my house wine be?

For us the Rustenberg Chardonnay is the house white, and very pleased that the society stock it after first discovering it on offer at the local Waitrose a couple of years back!

As for house red, this is actually something that I have been thinking about but unsure in exactly which direction to turn, as since I tend to only drink at home on the weekends, have relied on delving into the ‘cellar’ and trying something bought as part of a mixed case, so would be very interested in what people have to say about their choices!


Good shout! Both the thread and the wines…

For ‘anyday’ household drinking, I seem to be turning to Spain more and more. Current go-to red and white are:


I love this wine. It’s got character, authenticity, gutsiness and balance in abundance, goes with most food and comes into its own during the colder months.


I fell in love with this one many moons ago during our Wine Champions tastings (which it has aced pretty much every year it’s been included since) - combines muscat’s fragrance with sauvignon’s freshness in such a spot-hittingly nice way. Nothing fancy, but just so delicious.

Can’t wait to see others’ choices…


I think this is our most frequently ordered white:

Cracking value, very enjoyable and no shrinking violet. We also tend to order the Palladium Garganega and Saumur ‘Les Plantagenets’ regularly - both delicious and good value.

As for reds, this often finds its way into my orders:

The Puy de Dome Pinot Noir, and ‘Les Traverses’ Ventoux are regular re-orders as well.

Christmas wines

Ooh, some fantastic choices for me to try here, thanks! Particularly the Zorzal @martin_brown and the Undurraga Rhone white blend @Bargainbob.

Our house white tends to switch around a bit but for the last few months it’s been this:

A really nice all-rounder - pleasingly ripe chardonnay but with a bit of added oomph and substance from the viognier.

Our house red… like others above, we don’t so much have one of these as we tend to (perhaps wrongly) plump for slightly better reds to drink at the weekend, but that said we do often find this creeping into our orders (not least because so many of our family members’ love it!):

It’s just lovely - plump and spicy without being too in-your-face.


Erm how do you insert those links to your wines?


Just paste the link on its own line in your post, and it’ll work it’s magic :wink:


you copy paste the link in its own line

like so

not so
random text before link https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=CM6844 and / or random text after link

I think there might be a how to article

UPDATE … you only wish it was really £1 - some glitch with the link script - @robert_mcintosh may be worth asking IT


Ah ha. OK. First attempt. This is my go to wine. Crisp and fresh Loire Valley in a glass!


@David_V “Crisp and fresh Loire Valley in a glass!” That is a LOVELY description. :slight_smile: Not generally a sauvignon fan but I might have to try that one.

Also, as per @szaki1974’s suggestion, there is indeed a How To guide for all your linking needs if you ever get stuck:

As for the supposed £1 magnum of Lafite-Rothschild… yeah, we’ll look into that! :scream:


I’m pretty certain that this was caused by the fact that the price is listed as “£1,150” - so the comma is creating the error. I was about to write to the developer to fix it, and decided to do a quick check to see how many wines it affected …

the answer is 1

It appears to be the only product sold as a unit above £1000 - so I may wait for now but thanks for finding it :slight_smile:


That is a fair point


Some really good suggestions here, thank you so much everyone - will look to add a few on the next order! Good to see that the Rustenberg is being sold in standard bottles rather than only magnums now!


Love this wine! Versatile and refreshing.


This is a great all-rounder. Eat a lot of spicy food and this works out a treat when a smart riesling is too extravagant!


I just recently tried this and I think this will be a regular in our house… Perfect size, rather good refreshing white.

I happily sip it while cooking, you know when you need a splash of white in a risotto…

As to red I will have to join @M1tch and @Taffy-on-Tour with the praise of probably the best value for money red that exists…

You know when you need a bottle to braise a whole shin of a rare breed and then another one to wash it down.


Actually planning to open a bottle of this tonight, usual grape but delicious :smiley:


This is the wine I gave to my dad who then converted over to Riesling :smiley:


This is our go to white. At 11.9% it is versatile enough to drink as an aperitif and tasty enough for most dishes.

Don’t really have a go to red, that choice depends on menu!


I’m loving seeing what everyone’s having at home; it’s like when you have nosey in someone’s shopping trolley and start imagining their meals (or is that just me??)! These two are quite the regulars in my house although like @M1tch the Fistful of Schist Chenin makes a frequent fridge appearance!

Both a bit more on the cheap and cheerful end but for a midweek glass I don’t think you can go too wrong :relaxed: