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Glassware Experiments

Anagram, you could try placing a clean silver item ie. spoons, coins etc in glass container and fill with clean water. Then just leave for a while, there is a good reason for the term silver bullet.

There is probably a better thread to do this in somewhere but does anyone know where to find a good deal on Zaltos?

Universals and Burgundy glasses are what I’m after, probably not sets just a couple of each.


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When I was looking a few weeks ago, this shop seemed to come out in front. Free delivery over £50 too:


I bought all mine from Uncorked in London. Their prices historically were very competitive

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The Vinorium usually sell them at the best rate when they have them in stock.


Back in November I bought the Gabriel-Glas StandArt glasses following a recommendation on this forum, and I’ve been delighted with them.

I wanted a universal glass that could hold up to a bit of rough handling, and these absolutely do, yet at the same time they’ve already sparked admiration from friends for clearly being a ‘proper’ wine glass.

They have a beautifully-thin rim, they’re easy to hold by the stem, and you can swish the wine around the base of the glass without worrying about it spilling over the top. What more could anyone want!

In terms of expressiveness, they seem to do extremely well in both helping the wine to evolve in the glass, and although I won’t venture to make claims regarding aromas/paletes, they always seem to do well in the comparison reviews.

What sealed the deal was that they only cost €84 for 6 of them!


I’ve just bought two and they had their first outing last night. Loved them! Unfortunately I could only find them on Amazon marketplace and cost quite a bit extra to ship from the continent. Where’d you get yours?

Assuming this is Gabriel Glas, Newcomer Wines used to import them at reasonable prices (from memory about 12.50 a glass for StandArt). Whether they still do, I don’t know; their website is a bit of a mess, but I guess an email wouldn’t hurt if you’re after some more.

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Newcomer Wines is where I got mine too. Originally I purchased a pair but a couple of months ago I went back and purchased a set of six more at £10ea.


Mine got their first outing last night as well. Got them from Newcomer wines and the came in at £36 for two including £10 postage.

Really like them. I probably prefer the shape of the Zalto (although I’ve not seen on in person) but at less than half the price they seem a good deal.


Me too but the Gabriel Glas is much less fragile. My Zaltos still scare me! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Dan, I bought mine directly from their website. Not sure if you can still do that post-Brexit - this was back in November - but certainly worth a try.

They have a few online shops - one for the EU, one for Switzerland and another for North America.

Their staff were extremely helpful when I accidentally put through my first order as an ‘invoice’ (for us standard consumers, you need to pay via Paypal). Best to contact them first to see if they are set up to handle UK taxes/charges, and if not, stick to the importers.

(my thanks to @NW_passenger for his comment below)

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Yes, as much as I’d like to think I could laugh off breaking one the Yorkshireman in me would be fuming for some time. I’d still be annoyed breaking a Gabriel Glas but I would get over it.


I really wouldn’t recommend that as an MO - if you’re unlucky I understand you can socked with charges for unpaid VAT and fees that would obliterate the cost of the glasses. Probably much safer (if their website is set up to deliver to UK; I guess it’s likely to be a waste of time otherwise) to ask them first if they’ve made arrangements to collect UK VAT and take care of the necessary paperwork.


Ahh apologies, thank you. Not my area of expertise, and your point is well made. I’ll edit my post to clarify.