Glassware Experiments

Also interested in your thoughts on the wine itself! Is it open for business yet?

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Dear Michael
I found the wine drinking now with a possible 7 years ahead of it. Dark fruits full on hints of leather and spice with great legs and a long finish. Also it seemed to get much better in the glass even after 3 hours in a decanter. The question is what glass?


I’m hoping it’s the Riedel Veritas since I have those, but I’m going to guess at the Spiegelau Definition.

I’d go for the Spiegelau definition as well. They are very elegant. The Riedels are very big.

On a more general point, I eventually went for the Riedel Champagne glasses over the other top makes.

Riedel Veritas Cabernet/Merlot glasses (height 235mm, capacity 709cc) are smaller than Spiegelau Definition Bordeaux (height 243mm, capacity 750cc). Obviously they are a different shape. Perhaps you’re thinking of the Definition Universals?

I was looking for some more “everyday” red wine glasses recently and saw a good deal on Riedel Extreme Cabernet Sauvignon. Hadn’t realised just how big they are (significantly bigger than Veritas), so sent them back. Might get some Speigelau Definition Universals if I can find a good price, not that the house needs more wine glasses really…

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Dear All
Well here it is the glass that scored the highest marks by far was the Jancis Robinson & Richard Brendon. This glass is for both red and white wine. It’s not cheap at £40 a glass but it really does let the wine sing. With over 50 years of wine drinking I really don’t think I can ever remember drinking from a better glass.


Interesting to see this - my glass* of choice for about a year now has been the very same Jancis Robinson & Richard Brendon one.

I’ve long used this one* for whites and - until recently - a Riedel New World PN for reds. But while the Riedel does still get the odd run-out, I’ve moved pretty much exclusively to the Jancis Robinson & Richard Brendon one* for everything now. I love that glass, I must say.

I’ve been umming & aaghing for a while about whether to buy another pair or get some e.g. Spiegelau Definition Bordeaux; this may have finally made my mind up.

** This is a literal use of “glass” & “one” - I did have a pair but managed to ruin one of them a while ago by unwittingly putting a tab of nuclear level deep-scour dishwasher potion in the dishwasher one time. It certainly did its job and scoured the glass beyond use. By good-golly-gosh was I annoyed with myself _


I always, well almost always, use Zalto and always handwash and dry.

Any chance of some side by side photos of the glasses? Is it me or is the Jancis Robinson & Richard Brendon glass not quite as beautiful as the Spiegelau?! Of course the taste test is the most important one, but I haven’t seen a JR/RB in person…

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Not good at pics but I think the JR & RB look elegent if not as big. If you want to see them youtube is the place.


Glad you agree with me JR are wonderful.

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I’ve not used / seen the Spiegelaus myself so can’t compare directly - but the JR/RB glasses are very elegant on the eye, I think. Simple clean lines. Perfect balance in the hand too, for my mits at any rate.

It’s the way they really do seem to help a wine sing that’s their thing though - we all know a lot of this may be in the mind of course; but it really does seem to be the case that the same wine in this glass and in a.n.other glass really does seem to taste different, usually better. You just seem to get “more” taste. My Zalto Burg probably gets more aromas from a wine, but not by a great deal.

As a Brucie-bonus, they also seem pretty robust despite their elegance and low weight. Not only in terms of washing them by hand / being dishwasher-friendly etc, but also that they seem to stay upright really well due to their wide bottoms when they get “a nudge” - not unimportant with a young boy in the house; or his clumsy dad :~}


I think that a lovely glass in your hand (whatever one’s personal favourite brand) can add a perceived lift to one’s enjoyment of a wine. Whilst I do not agree with the grape variety/certain sort of wine glass hype, I do think holding a favourite glass puts one in the right mood to find something good about a wine.
In the wine drinker/glass/wine, trio of variables, we are definitely the most variable!!


got a pair of these as well, very nice and impressively light

wonder if they are suited for nebbiolo / xinomavro /oaked chardonnay as well ?

I use my Burgundy glasses for all of those (and also lighter Northern Rhone reds too).


Very much so and to me it makes a big difference.


Thanks , will give it a try

Has anyone tried the Giacomo Conterno Sensory Wine Glass?

Monica Larner seems very taken with it - “Wow, this glass is to wine what high definition is to a television screen.”

Not cheap, but it looks absolutely gorgeous to my eyes, I must say.


I have, and bought more as it’s a default in our house. We use them for nearly all red wines, and many whites (e.g. Chardonnay, Rhone blends).

We mostly used Riedels before, but the Sensories really do improve the drinking experience.


Another user here and very happy.
Just the right amount of weight - slightly more refined than a Riedel Vinum but not as fragile as a Zalto

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