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Glass loan for a party



have a small drinks party on Sunday as a thank you to a few people but…waitrose (my go to wine glass hire) don’t have any availability

Where else offers good reliable glass loan ?

and yes…I left it late asi spent too much time thinking about the wine and not what to serve it in !
and no…they aren’t using the Riedel!


Majestic and Sainsbury both do glass loans. Good luck getting them just before Christmas.

Worst case, if its a small party, go buy a dozen cheap glasses and then just keep them for next year. I have loads in a cupboard for such occasions.


We used Majestic for our wedding party, and they were great! This was a few years ago, mind you - but worth checking…?


Morrisons too I think.


Depending on how many people there are, and how much the glass loan is, you could go out and simply buy some glasses from say Wilko or alike as an option.

We grabbed a set of these and they are actually quite nice every day glasses!


Other option is Ikea and I have a set of these - they are quite large but great for aromatic wines:



Where are you based ??


Near Milton Keynes so…and thanks to all for the thoughts…

As I regularly use Waitrose glass loan, and therefore have a requirement, I’m going to go to the big yellow and blue box to buy some cheap party glasses - will then store them for future use.


Aw if you were closer I would have lent you my million and one glasses :rofl:! I too have a stock of party glasses that come out a few times per year for an outing :rofl:.


Always handy to have some cheaper backup glasses as you can then use them for BBQs during the summer, I know my parents amassed a huge collection of cheap party glasses, they were hoping that some of them got damaged and broke through use each year but none did!


…thats a really kind thought, thanks !

But if you have any ld bottles that you want me to “borrow” I’m up for the journey :rofl::rofl::champagne::wine_glass::clinking_glasses:


yep - thats my conclusion…and means I dont have to keep remembering to contact waitrose for glass loan…just have to remember where I’ve stored them !! :rofl:


Don’t know if it’s too long a trip on this notice, but have you tried calling the showroom?


now there’s a good idea, I’m not that far away from Stevenage but…sadly the free glass loan would become an expensive visit to the showroom!

Ikea is a lot closer :wink:


It is certainly worth checking the prices of cheap glasses. When we compared, they were about the same as hiring, and you don’t have the hassle of returning them. Got them from Aldi, and they were decent quality.


Small drinks party? As others have said, there are good very cheap wine glasses suitable for parties.

Wilko have standard wine glasses at 50p each

so does Matalan and also he larger supermarkets


Morrisons is the place to go. They are great. OR BUY THEM FROM NAZEING GLASS.


Ikea is the obvious place (and they will deliver, I think) - or a whip-round of local charity shops for a quirky and quite nice collection, perhaps!