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Giro 2021 Thread

In theory yes. If he remained in pink until the end of the race he’d be the winner of both jerseys. In reality, whilst the race is taking place the white jersey, whilst he’s in pink, is worn by the rider second in the young riders classification ( presently Evenepoel ).

Seems that it’s a race for young riders this year as the present top 4 in the general classification, so far, are all under 25.

As an aside, I usually like to drink something appropriate when watching the racing so today I’ll be opening a Wetzer Kekfrankos to honour his efforts. He’s a nice man and extremely articulate, I wish I spoke English to his standard.

Chapeau Attila !


Not Giro, but … Grand day for Yorkshire cycling today. Connor Swift taking the win in photo finish at the truly mad one day Tro-Bro Léon around the farm tracks of Brittany :fr: and Tom Pidcock winning a MTB World Cup race in Albstadt :de:


Rest day today, but a good time to mention that the race heads to the white roads of Tuscany tomorrow, following part of the neo-Spring Classic Strade Bianche route. Last time the race tried this in 2010 it was legendary. The weather took its toll and the riders ended up looking like they had turned to stone, as if they had spotted Medusa en route!

Egan Bernal has the Maglia Rosa at the mo. Normally this would be seen as a disadvantage so early in the 3week GC, but the lead means that the team car has pole position in the convoy tomorrow and that could be vital as mech problems are likely to be an issue on the rough terrain.

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I’ve missed the Giro today how dare they have a rest day !

Really looking forward to the racing tomorrow though. Selfishly, just for images like the above, the devil in me hopes for rain, my inner angel otherwise.

As the stage finishes in Montalcino, it begs the question, is anyone going all in with a bottle of Brunello tomorrow. Or a Rosso di Montalcino even ?

Neither are on the cards here but something red and Tuscan definitely is !


I like your review of Biferno but i could not understand what this had to do with GIRO 2021.
Why dont you put referrence to the wine in drinks chat and then those like me who like the wine but hanvt a clue as to what GIRO 2021 means. I only looked at it because i thought that the Giro was Harold Wilsons bank creation.

It is a 3 week long cycling race around most of Italy, one of the great challenges in the yearly cycling sport calendar. Careful before you get hooked!

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especially after a short 140km stage yesterday, amateurs! :wink:

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The muscles in my legs have just cramped up thinking about doing that kind of distance !

It must have been gutting for the riders in the breakaway yesterday to be held up at a level crossing and lose most of their advantage. Er, especially when the graffiti ridden single carriage train passed doing about 30kph :laughing:

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Well. Just in case folks missed the live action it’s well worth a catch-up, so try to watch the highlights later :+1: Great racing and the route really showcases the Region (which is after all the cunning plan).


That’s a beautiful image, thanks for posting !

As was the footage from the finish line. The shot down the hill with it’s bright blue skies, little fluffy clouds and verdant scenery were a joy to see.

No spoilers for todays stage ( 90k to go presently here ) but the helicopter shots over Panzano and Greve in Chiantishire were fabulous. I must visit sometime soon !

Couldn’t agree more, the racing has been really exciting but the the travelogue has been equally good. Must say, the commentary team on Eurosport / GCN have not only done a tremendous job with their insights into the racing but also into the sights and history of the areas the riders have passed through. I’ve enjoyed watching Grand Tour racing for many years but this years Giro really has been something special in those respects :heart_eyes:

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While Mt Stromboli tries to steal the headlines we have a Friday the 13th stage today, a 200km route following the Po valley. Maybe for a glass or two of TWS Valpolicella at the finish in Verona.

The profile looks easy …


… but the sprinters who are still in the race will hope the stage helps deliver them fresher legs for the weekend ahead :eyes:


Stage 14. Dante is a theme of this year’s Giro, the phrase “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” comes to mind. It’s even a sign at the foot of the Zoncolan! But that’s on the other side from today’s ascent, which apparently is the easier way up :flushed:

Might need some help with suggestions for Udine wine, but there might be time for a few

Before #Eurovision :grinning:


I’m watching now with a considerable time lag ( 143k to go ). If the climb isn’t tough enough already the weather at the summit looks awful. Geez, looking at that profile, that’s one helluva sting in the tail and more than aptly described as one of cycling’s uber climbs.

Although I doubt even a taxi would cope with those gradients :grimacing:

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Today’s stage heads in and out of Slovenia :slovenia:. It should’ve been perfect for Slovnian locals, but Jan Tratnik was in the break yesterday and Matej Mohorič crashed out earlier on. If the break gets caught then it might be one for Peter Sagan if he’s in the mood.

If you’re in the mood :clinking_glasses:would a Furmint be a reasonable choice?

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Good choice and more than appropriate considering the route !

Queen’s Stage today, and unfortunately the Dolomites won’t be looking like this.
Snow falling above 2,000 metres. Possible high winds. All this and 6,000 metres of vertical climbing, too :cold_face:


New route due to foul weather

It was hugely disappointing that the queen stage and the TV coverage was so severely affected by the foul weather yesterday. And not for the first time in recent years either :frowning_face:

That said, there’s still plenty to play for in the GC and some tough stages to come. Fingers crossed the weather in the mountains improves though and we actually get to see the action !

Hats off to the thoroughly deserving winner yesterday too.


Absolutely. Although I don’t know the precise technical ins and outs of TV coverage, it’s still baffling race organizers do not seem to have the technical infrastructure (too expensive?) to deal with adverse weather conditions. While the weather was certainly unpleasant it didn’t look cataclysmic in the last 30km of racing.

A real shame we missed most of it, and not great for attracting/retaining sponsors, especially with the precarious financial situation some teams are in.

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Often boils down to the need for a plane rather than a helicopter to relay the signals from all the camera sources (helicopters and motors) to a base. I suspect the plane wasn’t allowed to fly yesterday so only option was 4G. Not the best coverage up there :thinking: