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Gift vouchers?


One for admin probably…
Maybe a dumb question here, but does the Wine Soc sell gift vouchers? Can’t immediately see evidence on the website.
Daughter’s b’day coming up and having recently invested in membership for her I’m keen to encourage her to get started.


Yes, and no (as far as I know)

I believe you can add a credit to their account, and then you would let them know, but there aren’t any actual ‘vouchers’ as such - though other may know differently

And there are no dumb questions here - we all learn from these questions

Glad she has joined us. Is she a member of the community? (If so you may need to hide this message) :wink:


Hi Robert, thanks for very swift response
I smiled - no she isn’t on the community :slight_smile:
Might go the add-credit route although it’s perhaps not as ‘gifty’ as a physical (or indeed electronic) voucher.
Tempted to politely suggest that there’s a potential opportunity for the Soc here?


@dm27, how about sending her a case of 6 wines for her to try and as a motivational factor in beginning to use her membership??


Indeed - would be nice to get something through the post

Might be worth mentioning when you order it so Member Services can pass it on officially, and others can express their thoughts here so it can be backed up with comments if someone takes up the idea


yes, could do that but rather she chose something herself.
plus, delivery arrangements not best guessed from here.


If you ring Member Services/e-mail them they can arrange for a gift card to be sent to the recipient with a note informing them of the credit. So more of a gift ‘card’ than ‘voucher’.

I think the main reasons we don’t do purchasable ‘vouchers’ is that the inevitable outcome would be someone purchasing a voucher for a non-member and them therefore being unable to use it…


Easy to fix this by forcing the buyer to state the recipient’s share number when purchasing, and being unable to buy without it.

Alternatively you could have a system where the gift card is bought under the buyer’s share number and when redeemed, essentially all the recipient is doing is using the buyer credit for a delivery to an alternative address, but the former method seems easier.


that info about the gift card is v helpful

  • it perhaps could be made a bit more obvious somewhere on the website though, to help out any others who may be wondering about this in future.

All done now anyway, typically swift/efficient service on the phone, thanks.