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Gift Ideas 2015


Hiya! So two of my friends are getting married and I am looking for alcohol-related gifts. I thought of maybe a wine from 2015 (the year when they met) and then putting in storage for them?

What was amazing from 2015? Happy to go sparkling, red or maybe fortified. Any ideas?


Nice idea!

2015 was a special year in many places, so you may need to narrow it down a little bit further.

Do they have some connection to a particular region (Bordeaux, Rioja, Piedmont, …)?

Also, what sort of budget are we talking about? What might be nice is a Magnum (a nice “2 become 1” message there, plus it lasts longer) from a decent winery and in a wooden presentation box so it keeps well.


You could go for port. Speak to member services to see what they have left en premeur. It would be a good bet for a crowd pleaser but like @robert_mcintosh says it was good All over Europe and what do the recipients like?


@robert_mcintosh - I like the magnum idea!
@JReed - not sure what their preference is … might need to do some digging. Although they met in Mallorca, so potensh a Spanish with some aging potential?


As for price … if I can convince my partner to go in with me, could stretch up to maybe £70-80. (But thinking more in the region of £50-60 :wink: )