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A lot of posters on this forum use (and reuse) GIFs.

I’m not a fan.

So I was wondering if it was possible to exclude posts with Gifs from a timeline?

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Pathetic! Sadly you’ve now opened Pandora’s box. I can guess who’ll be next. Like clockwork.

But you were next, like clockwork…


Clockwork you say?


Genuinely curious, why don’t you like them?

I think the software behind this forum will have to get more advanced to enable you to exclude posts with gifs. However, I might be wrong, @Kelly what’s the official word?

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I imagine it’s possible to turn off autoplay by default, but then those who like gifs lose out. Ideally that would be an option per user, not sure if possible, can’t find anything on the discourse forums, and nothing currently in preferences.

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I’m not @Richard, but if asked whether I like them would say no. Occasionally there’s a really funny one that may make them all worthwhile, but for the majority of them have the feel of “I want to post a gif and and I’m going to find a gif to post”, and they are noisy and attention grabbing in a similar way to flashing banner ads (if you remember those).

I will say that the bad ones are more irritating on a desktop than a phone (where you look at one post at a time and they’re easy to scroll past). For me, it’s at worst a very minor irritant.


You might be able to do this in your browser. In Settings you may have an options to not show images for certain sites on an exception list you create. It will vary per browser and not sure if GIFs can be specifically targeted.


Oh yes, I forgot about this:


I have the same feelings as @NW_passenger.

As an example I have no idea what the one you posted above is about.

Thanks, I’ve discovered a ‘never auto-play’ feature in Safari/Preferences/Websites.


Thanks for letting me know.

It’s a scene from the film A Clockwork Orange. I was hoping the dual references to Clockwork and being forced to watch because we can’t turn them off might strike a chord, but as the saying goes “if you have to explain the joke…” Sorry


…which doesn’t work on GIFs only videos.

There is a gif blocker extension for Chrome, but the reviews don’t seem too positive.

There is a setting to ignore particular users :wink:

I’m not a fan either, but it is not so much the animation aspect as the amount of screen space they gobble up. I’d rather quickly see what more people think on a particular issue, rather than “amusing” gifs that are only vaguely relevant.

(Though I appreciate the irony in @tom’s first reply in this thread.)


I am also in this camp. Few are brilliant, like for example @tom’s in this thread. Most however are just cringeworthy. Happy to scroll down though. I don’t like Clockwork Orange… but now @Brocklehurstj explained it, it makes sense…


Razor sharp!