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Gewurztraminer Réserve Grand Cru Eichberg, Léon Beyer 2012 - offer



I noticed this wine is on offer right now. Have not had it before, but based on vintage guides 2012 is a fine Alsace vintage for Gewurztraminer. Intriguing dry gewurz Grand Cru sub £20, probably worth trying. Any experiences with this wine?


Not the Gewurztraminer, but Beyer’s Pinot Gris is top class and I have brought back from there on several occasions, I would like to see that on the TWS lists, as Alsace Pinot Gris is not easy to come by, well the good ones.
Having said that Beyer is good across the board.

I should have added I did taste the Gewurtz at the winery and it was very good but a different year of course !


I was wondering the same thing. Curious how it compares to the Schlumberger…

I also agree that the Beyer Pinot Gris is superb.


Like you I’m also curious about comparison with Schlumberger. I absolutely love their wine- especially their Pinot Gris. One of my all time favourites! Haven’t tried the Beyer Pinot Gris (or Gerwurtz, to that matter)- so thanks for flagging this one up! It’ll be on my next order, for sure!