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Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru 2010


I have a bottle of this wine in my collection, thanks to a generous gift from a family member a few years ago

I’m not a big expert on Burgundy styles and ageing potential. I was thinking of drinking this over Christmas, but as I recently added my paltry collection to CellarTracker to share in the community, I noticed that it has a drinking window that apparently does not start until 2020. Would it be wrong to open it?


I’ve had a little look around, and consensus seems to suggest that it might be too early. BBR’s ‘What to drink in 2017’ page on Red Burgundy says:

‘The wines of 2009, and 2010, offer excellent drinking at more everyday levels; those higher up the scale, for high days and holidays, have more to offer and warrant further cellarage.’

Sarah Marsh wrote in Decanter:

‘A top premier cru would repay a good 10 years’ patience.’

I’m sure it would be delicious this Christmas, but probably not quite at its peak!


Jancis Robinson suggests drinking 2012-2020 so I would agree with Bob’s comments though 10 years may be the limit for peak drinking.


Thanks @Amblechops - is that a specific recommendation for this wine or for Gevrey in general?

Thanks @Bargainbob but I think that a blanket “10 years cellaring” advice is of limited value because each producer is so different, so it could be misleading for an individual wine.

In that case we are probably in a decent window, being in the latter half of the window suggested by Jancis - plus my storage conditions aren’t ideal, so waiting is always a gamble anyway.

Hmm, this is looking more likely


It may also depend on how you like your burgundy. If Bright and fruity then earlier is better. if you hanker after undergrowth and decayed notes then later.

Also consider the chance of red burgundy closing up. This can happen mid life before the wine open into full maturity. Best to drink burgundy young or old, in the middle can be disappointing. Its the main cause IMO of people not getting red burgundy.

Having said that I’ve heard great things about 2010 drinkability.

Deciding when to drink a single bottle is a great struggle.


Sorry Rob - yes that’s for this specific wine


Seems like you’ve had more joy finding that excuse than I did with the musar, well done. I’ve also been known to use the ‘storage conditions’ gambit from time to time!


@robert_mcintosh, I would be somewhat in agreement with @Russ in terms of wine closing down. However in really good vintages, they tend to close down earlier than you would think. Around a year or two old. So approx. when they are being realised to buyers. They will close down for a number of years (Ave 3) and then you may continue to age them for longer to aid development as you’ll know. If yours is a 2010, it will have opened back up by now, but it may taste even better in another 2 years :+1:


Now you’re just confusing me! :wink:

However, you’ve just reminded me about my under-utilised Coravin … so a little test might be in order in the near future


PERFECT!!!:+1: :wink:


I appreciate you asking us - I have no idea myself - bit isn’t there anyone on the WS staff who might have some idea?


Indeed there are, but where’s the fun in that?