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Getting to Know Cognac with Emma and Sarah



Have you had a chance to check out the latest Travels in Wine section on Cognac?

Lots of great content on special treats for Christmas as well as some food matches and cocktail recipes. If you are not that familiar with Cognac, then a great place to start is this post by Emma:

If you have any comments or questions for the intrepid explorers who put their lives on the line to bring us this information (well, they worked hard), then let me know and I will encourage them to pop in to answer them in this thread.

Is there Cognac on your Christmas drinks list yet?

Cognac for Christmas

Unfortunately cognac is the one alcoholic beverage that does not seem to agree with me… even the supposedly good examples…


I am a confirmed “Pleb” in this department.
Introduced to Remy at a dinner with friends in Geneva.
A large measure in a slowly rotating glass at 45 deg, gently warmed by a candle, a gorgeous aroma and I was sold.
Tasted from the VS and 3 levels upwards, loved them all.
Armagnac as well, but that’s a Pyrenean story for another day.
I do so wish that the Society still did the early landed Cognac casks of yesteryear.
The members who bought them adored the quality on show.
Sadly, they were beyond my reach then and would appear to be a thing of the past.
Why cannot one of our buyers get properly stuck into the subject, no doubt a long term project and if for example stocks were being uplifted to the trade or restaurants, have a system that limited sale to one bottle per member per year might stymie abuse. You know what I mean, it’s just a thought.


Not really a Cognac fan, it’s a bit much for me (did enjoy the 10 facts though - learned a lot!) but the bit I loved about reading this was the Pineau des Charentes section:

From the sounds of it, it’s got some Cognac character but it’s lighter and sweeter, which would be more up my street. I think I had some many years ago, and now I’m hugely tempted to buy a bottle for sipping in the winter. :blush:

Anyone more familiar with it than me and can let me know particularly good settings in which to enjoy it?


Love the Society’s Pineau but mainly as an aperitif in the summer and the only thing I felt that was lighter was my head (its dangerously sippable and still 18%)


I love the Pineau, it’s really wonderful and as @cgoldin says great as a summer aperitif (really nice slightly chilled) but is also great with a mince pie as it has the sweetness along with nutty, dried fruit and raisin flavours. Delish and never without a bottle in the house.