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Getting started: What should I read first?



One comment I have heard from a few new members is: “There is just so much here, I don’t know how to get started”.

This community is amazingly active with lots of great comments and shared links. It feels a bit like when you are out surfing or sailing - it is easier to catch the flow and stay on top than the jump in to the water and try to get going.

So, how do you get up to speed? Easy!

In the navigation you will see a button called ‘Top’. Click this to see the most popular content over the past Day / Week / Month or Quarter. This will give you an at-a-glance idea of the topics that got the most comments, views and reactions, and a sense of what members share and the types of content they share.

All posts are there to read if you keep scrolling. If you want to break the posts down into manageable chunks, try visiting the Categories separately - either by clicking on the title, or on the ‘Categories’ in the navigation.

Finally, the Search function is very friendly and effective. Do try searching for words or phrases that matter to you to see who else might be talking about them, … or alternatively start your own threads so we can all join in too.

Lots more information in the How To … article list