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Getting started in the Community


If you are new to the Community, you are very welcome. You’ve joined an incredibly friendly and exciting community of wine lovers - but it is not just about the bottles themselves, but the joy we get from exploring the list, finding something new and sharing it with others.

Let’s get started

Please say hello!

Read through some of the many member introductions we’ve had to see who else is taking part, and please consider adding your post at the end. We really love to hear from new arrivals.

Raise a glass

We like to post about our plans for the weekends - with special bottles we’ve saved up, or special occasions that may be happening, so see what we are all up to now and let us know what’s in your fridge (or glass) right now.

Look out for the weekly “Weekend Drinking” threads - click here for a list of recent ones or follow the #weekend tag

There’s plenty more to explore in the Food and Travel categories too - there’s always great advice there, and maybe you are the one who knows that special place that someone else needs to know about?

If your budget stretches more than most, there’s also the Fine Wine area, and if you are the adventurous type, you can also join the en-primeur conversations - just sign-up via the Groups page and join the conversations on Burgundy, Rhone, Bordeaux and more.

We hope you enjoy your time in the community