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Get to know white Bordeaux



There is an interesting mini offer of cheap white Bordeaux. I found the page very informative and recommend to anyone who wants to get more acquainted with this most overlooked of wine styles.

The mixed case is £49 that will probably not break any bank.


That’s a great offer. I love white bordeaux. The first case I ever bought from TWS included one and it was a real eye opener, with some wild strawberry tones that got me hooked on trying more wines. They stopped stocking that one and I can’t remember the name sadly.

I’m glad this offer doesn’t include Château de la Grave, I don’t want too many people finding out about that one… :rofl:


Slightly odd, given that this is supposed to show the range of Bdx whites, that when you click on the wines in the case, 5 say “no oak flavour” and only one says “light oak flavour” from part of the blend seeing some oak.


Interestingly annoyingly the mixed case seems Sauvignon Blanc heavy. I will admit that I have only ever had 2 bottles of white Bordeaux… an aged bottle of Clos Floridene Blanc and another one from Entre-Deux-Mers, both very good.


Ch de la Grave is quite oaky (I love it) but out of stock. That or similar would have made a nice addition.


Thanks - I might check it out one of these days. I do also like wines that aren’t oaked though! Just thought it a bit odd when TWS is making a point of talking about the range of types of white Bdx that they skimp on the most classic style! I suppose price is probably the issue.


I’m a big fan of white Bordeaux but when Semillon is a part of the blend. I just had delivery this morning which included a few bottles.

Clarendelle for every day drinking and the Chevalier to lock away for a few years.


Get to know White Bordeaux? No thanks - yuk!


:slight_smile: @cgoldin, do you want to elaborate, how this dislike came about?


White Bordeaux is a bit of a blind spot for me. I’m instantly put off by Sauvignon Blanc but I know I shouldn’t be tarring every region with the NZ SB brush… Quite tempted to give the mixed case a go at this price :+1:


Its just that every time I find myself drinking White Bordeaux (of a certain price I should add) I find myself comparing it unfavourably with something else (Loire for SB, W Austr. or SA for SB/Semillon blends). Maybe someone else can elaborate on what those differences are generically?


You’re missing out! I’m not a fan of the cheap Bordeaux white plonk, especially when dominated by or entirely Sauvignon Blanc based. The blends with a heavy Semillon influence are very different and can age very well.

The blends produced by some of the sweet wine producing Chateaux and wines of Pessac Leognan are particularly worth trying. The fuller richer blends really lose the astringent nature of Sauvignon blanc which I dont like.

I think bordeaux white wine is similar to riesling in often being an unloved white wine. Show it some love.


Its definitely that astringency which has been putting me off. But I’ve also had SB/Semillon blends which have made me long for Moss Wood or Savage Wines . Thinking about it though I’m probably spending more on those NW examples than the Bordeaux benchmarks I’m comparing them with…


Let me just write this one down…
Love white Bordeaux too - had some really good ones in the past (in Bordeaux, to be exact), but am yet to purchase some from TWS, so thanks for highlighting this one @szaki1974! :wink:


Good spot! I enjoy a good white bdx, but it has to be the right one and I could benefit from being more acquainted with the styles and producers.

I’ve got a mixed case of fine whites (one of them v highly recommend by Tim Atkin) from the 2014 EP offer that I’m looking to working through in the next few years.


The really interesting white Bordeaux wines tend to be at least partly Semillon based and at least partly oaked aged, having said that it has been a white since I have drunk the more simple stuff and my opinion on simple Bordeaux Sauvignon might be based on the wines of 15 or 20 years ago.

Clos Floredine is one of my favourites (without the silly price tag of some grander wines, the red is nice too!)


Thanks for that heads up… super value for great summer wines :umbrella::umbrella::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:


Have you asked MS to check if they can find out what was in the case?


Hmm not thought of that actually! It predates the ‘my wines’ feature (2003 I think) so assumed it was lost to history.


There’s a nice intro video by @mcropp on the page. She makes a compelling case for seafood.

I’ll be honest though, the way she pronounces Bordeaux makes me a little weak at the knees. :heart_eyes::fr:

It’s nice to have that resource in the showroom, wish it were easier for me to get there.