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Germany Offer incoming

Just seen this on the tastings calendar.

Suggestive of a Germany offer to come fairly shortly, particularly as three of the wines are listed out of stock. They are all 2019s, might well be the offer that @shaunk and @Laura alluded to after the Donnhoff & Prum EP last year.

Thanks for the heads up on the tasting and the little teaser on some of the wines to be offered. Despite the potential expense I’m very much looking forward to seeing what else might be in the pipeline.

I might have to apply for a part time job next month though :thinking:


I was looking forward to / afraid of this :money_mouth_face:


Sorry - am probably being a bit dense… Are you suggesting that because three of the wines are out-of-stock, that they’ve been removed from sale pending a Germany offer? Wouldn’t that spoil the mini-masterclass tasting in two weeks time if so?

I think they’re not yet in stock. I’ve not seen them before, at any rate. I’d imagine they will be in stock fairly shortly.

Ah, I see - thought they’d already been on sale and had sold out. I will look out for an imminent and tasty looking email - the masterclass looks very interesting! Thank-you!


Oooer, I hope I’m right now

I really hope you’re not. (In a ‘I really hope you are’ sort of way, but I want some Burgundy!)

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Exactly, won’t matter either way - If there is, I’m in but if not, the money will go elsewhere anyway… Too much lovely wine… :grinning:

Hello all!

The Germany offer is, indeed, incoming. The wines that are featured in the event are all part of a mixed case that will be available for sale next week (they will also be sold individually too.)

I should reiterate that Catherine and I are talking about Grape Varieties, Labelling and Regions rather than specifically about these wines in depth so it’s not a requirement of the event to have the wines :slight_smile: But of course, we always love if you have at least one.

I’ll send an update on here the moment that the mixed case and subsequently the final 3 wines go live.

As mentioned, and I am sure you can all understand, the stocks of these wines are just too small to launch any earlier so I appreciate it means a quick turnaround if you wish to order ahead of the tasting hence why it’s not designed to ‘need’ the wines. And - as always - if you wish to go back and re-watch the recording once you have the wine then that’s a brilliant option too!

Thanks all and hope to see you there!


Hello all! I can now confirm that the wines for the event are going to be available from this Friday, so hopefully worthy of a weekend browse :wink:


Too … many … options …


worth doing a search for Germany 2019 on the website

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I tried that yesterday, have there been a few more added?

Edit: ah yes, quite a few more. Plenty to tempt. Haven’t checked all of them, but there’s at least one wine with typos on the wine name and an error in the description.

@laura, over to you to flag for corrections.