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Germany Growers Walkaround tasting [April 2019]

Most of the wines from this tasting (not already listed) appeared and then quickly disappeared off the list. Hope to see them back soon!

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Joke is the word that springs to mind.

Bloomin’ heck. The Assmanshauser spatbutgunder and the Fellbacher trollinger have disappeared already.

I wonder if they’re being held back for a future German reds offer ?

@Embee Try 'phoning customer services if you want to order - they may well still be available. When I ordered last weekend, half of them were not listed on the website, but they were available to buy when I quoted the reference codes.

A similar thing happened with a Valpolicella Ripasso that I was intent on ordering until it suddenly disappeared. On enquiring with customer services, they had around 1000 bottles and an order was duly placed.

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Thanks for the advice. I’d be on the phone now if I hadn’t already ordered !

Thankfully it was all too easy to make up a mixed case from the wines that were eventually listed , albeit, so briefly.

Once again, I’m very grateful for your initial post otherwise I wouldn’t have had a clue that the wines were even available to order in the first place. Much appreciated

Had already posted a largish order including this bin end selection, mostly 2015’s and a nice selection of non Riesling Germans, but I hope that these briefly appearing wines are back on the list again soon!

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Heads up that this wine is now discounted - thanks @VinoVeritas for alerting in the first place.


Quite a few German wines on the list now bin ended. Think I’ll get a mixed 6 at least!

Well spotted @cgoldin only 133 bottles left. :+1: