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Germany Growers Walkaround tasting [April 2019]



Anyone else planning to attend this tasting. I cannot get any of my mates to join… and always better to do these things in company. These grower tastings are really good as you get to speak to the growers and can get a general idea of the wines often across a few vintages. Expecting cracking Riesling and Spatburgunder…


I REALLY wanted to go to this one, but realised that I’ll be on my way to Alsace that day. Which is sort of a good alternative, I guess! :smiley:
Hope you can find someone from the community who is also going. As you say, these are such good events, and a rare chance to speak to growers.


I was considering this one. How many wines are likely to be available on the night, and what vintages? (Haven’t been to any of these tastings before.)


I’ve been to a couple of those, and generally speaking - there are between 20 and 45 wines (for example, the Lewes Summer Fine Wine event had 22, the Bordeaux Growers Walkaround 44, if I remember correctly). So it varies, but it’s always good fun, and a chance to speak to the growers, try new varieties/blends and pick up a few bottles at 10% discount offer for a couple days.

Not sure about the vintages, though - it depends on the event; @Tim_S might be able to help here.


Seriously tempted to make the trip up to London for this.


I just realised it is school holiday time… and cannot go. Next time I guess


How crowded are they?