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Germany 2018


Not really sure if or what to go for but tempted by the mixed cases. However:

2 bottles of each or one of each? I think we should be told…


That’s a typo, so sorry! It is indeed a case of 12, so you get 2 bottles of each. I’ll amend that now and hopefully it’ll update later this afternoon.


Ok! My temptation level has approximately doubled.


I couldn’t see any Prum in the offer, which surprised me.


…or the Wirsching mixed case…


One thing that bugs me (and just noticed reading the printed offer) is the lack of indication of which wines are part of the mixed cases. I have a feeling that’s indicated sometimes (EP?) but not here meaning i have to keep turning the page back and forth to read the descriptions and see if it’s something i want to get. Or more importantly, which ones are not in the case…


The temptation to make up a case from the Schloss Lieser wines offered proved impossible to resist.

3 bottles each of the Juffer, Sonnenuhr, Goldtropfchen and the Helden have been sent to reserves for pulling around 2024.

Thanks to @Brocklehurstj for the notes from the walkaround tasting. Hopefully those sulphur notes will have dissipated by the time I get around to drinking them. If not, I’ll decant.


I’m sure you’ll be fine by then. It was pretty faint, which is probably why I didn’t catch on straight away.


I’d be curious to know why Prum isn’t in the Germany offer… no big deal, I’m just curious. It’s often seen as a benchmark producer, of course.


Assume because they were in an EP not so long ago?


This was the standout for me so i ended up plumping for a full case. Another that i wish came in 6s but hey ho. Still considering the mixed dry case…


Having already purchased Prum and Donnhoff in the EP offer was going to leave it there for the 18’s

Then saw this write up on Davy Strange’s Elitist Review site of the Lieser Goldtropfchen and immediately dispatched a case directly to members Reserves. Certainly corroborates some earlier thoughts on this thread.



I take it back, now I’m glad it only came in 12s!


And another case just disappeared. It’s going to be an expensive few months!