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Germany 2017 offer [November 2018]



There is a new, exciting Germany offer that recently appeared on the website.

I might be tempted to buy and lay down the Wirsching case (69 in stock) - not much info on the website, some more in the pdf document…

If I was buying for current consumption (which I am definitely not) I would probably get the German wealth of grape varieties case. Otherwise pretty well stocked with dry and off dry Riesling. The Ausleses in halves also look temting, but given I just took delivery of the Chateau Suduiraut.

Happy browsing!


Thank you for circulating this. It was last year’s German offer that first prompted me to complain that I wasn’t getting all the offers. Not that it helped. I didn’t get this one, either.


I did not get a notification (don’t think one was sent out yet), just stumbled upon it on the website.


Just noticed a wine with quite an interesting difference in drinking windows between TWS and jancisrobinson.com

TWS says drink from 2019, while the two reviews on JR suggest to start 2025 and 2027. Saying that there is a good overlap between the suggested windows, so between 2027 and 2035 it should be pretty good.

The price does not seem right… the same wine is available from Howard Ripley. £222 per 12 halves in bond… that comes to around £281 on the table, which is between £23 and £24 per bottle.


You are right, there has to be a mistake there as there is to much difference, the 75l bottle is even cheaper, good wine though and Lieser have a virtual monopole on the site.

The drinking window for these wines goes from almost immediately, you really wont be disappointed, to indefinite for the good ones like this, they just keep, or should evolving but that does not necessarily mean they improve, just change.


I bought (forgive me but not from TWS) a case of 2012 Willi Schaefer Graacher Domprobst Riesling Auslese #14 (got to love the extended names of German wine).

I was new to the joys of German Riesling Auslese, I opened a bottle recently and it was a revelation. The combination of sweetness and the tingling acidity was divine. The rest of the case will have to wait a while to be opened if I can restrain myself.

I dont know what these two Auslese wines are like but if they are anywhere near as good as the 2012 Willi Schaefer Graacher Domprobst Riesling Auslese #14 then grab a bottle and enjoy.





Gosh, but there are so many delicious wines in this offer… Wouldn’t it be lovely to pick up 6 or 7 of the best and tastiest cases to look forward to over the next 5 - 20+ years? What a wonderful cellar that would be!
Might contemplate swapping some planned Rhone 17 funds into this offer - I have few Rieslings, some of these are very long lived and I have a fair few Rhone 15 & 16 EP. #firstworldproblem


Well spotted, @szaki1974 and @cerberus! Thanks for bringing this to our attention - the price listed was for a full bottle rather than a half! We’re just in the process of amending this now as quickly as possible - the correct price will be £26 per half, I’m told. :slight_smile:

Thanks to you we’ve caught this early and there’s no harm done, so I really appreciate your eagle-eyed perusal of this offer! :smiley:


That does bring it into line with elsewhere for a full 75cl bottle.

Just a personal take on the Riesling and other grapes offer, quite a decent spread of varieties white and red to sample for those not used to buying riesling, to be critical almost none of the new young stars that are pushing forward the quality of riesling at the current time, and little in the 20-30ish pound bracket where most of the great top end bargains of Germany are, as an example there is not a single Grosses Gewachs dry wine on the list, the earlier Donnhoff offer was a better bet.


Possibly some harm to those who got the printed leaflet (which just came this afternoon). That says £40, so you may need to highlight on line that it is different.


Yes indeed - it’ll be reflected correctly online very shortly! And no one - including people ordering by post after receiving the literature with the incorrect price - will be charged the wrong price of course, which is what I meant in terms of ‘no harm’. :smiley:


Although it doesn’t help those who see the printed offer and decide it’s too expensive to purchase. Not sure there is a way around that though.


There is no cost effective way. Such is life.


Not really, no! :frowning: Hopefully people will be as eagle-eyed as @szaki1974 et al and will query the price, or order in good faith at the higher price and end up with a pleasant surprise! :slight_smile:


I do like the idea of the

if only so I can have a few bottles in the “Bocksbeutel” shaped bottle. Not sure they would work very well though with the racks in the wine room!


Odd shaped bottles drive me nuts, I genuinely find myself keen to drink them first just to keep the collection neat



You are missing a lot. Not just Franken, but vin jaune, for example. And do you also discriminate against halves? Long-necked? Understanding the traditions is part of appreciating wine.


Don’t worry, my comment was quite tongue in cheek :slight_smile: