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German wines in limited quantity

Low stock German wines

Just came through.


Perhaps I was wrong about a lot of German wine on the fine wine list…


Reading through this I realise I have no idea where to begin with German wines.


That was my thinking too… Donnhoff, JJ Prum, Keller, and that’s me out

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The Schloss Lieser dry wines get top marks from Mosel Fine Wines in both 2017 and 2018 vintages. Prices are not exactly cheap but very tricky to find these wines.

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A reserves mixed case to withdraw 2025-2026 is on the cards. Let’s see what comes up in the FWL.

2 each of the following sent to reserves, a randomish selection after setting the filter for drinking window ends 2027 or after…

Kaseler Nieschen Riesling Kabinett 2018 von Kesselstatt - good review from Mosel fine wine, plus realised I am (or rather will be in 2025…) desperately short on Kabinett
Riesling Karthauserhof Schieferkristall Trocken 2018 - a stab in the dark, but wanted half Kabinett half dry in the case and a trocken to help the budget should bo okay…
Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Riesling Kabinett von Schubert 2018 - this estate is coming back from the woods, so was a bit of a no brainer on the Kabinett team (MFW 92, too)
Oestricher Lenchen Riesling Kabinett August Eser 2018 - Heavy heartedly chose a non Mosel Kabinett, but a good producer from the Rheingau, so safeish to complete the Kabinett team.
Piesporter Goldtropfchen Riesling GG Schloss von Lieser 2018 - chose this before @Velowander highlighted its merits, top estate, top vineyard… a rare Grand Cru
Weissburgunder Sonnenberg Weingut Julg 2018 - this is the odd one out, but I do love a good Pinot Blanc, turns out this is actually Alsace fruit… no complaints.


There are really good producers in the offer… quantities seem to range from single digits to just north of 100 bottles. The beautiful thing about most of these wines is that they will probably drink great from today to 7+ (a conservative TWS estimate) years. Some have already sold out.

This is a good thread on Riesling - link


The Kunstler Riesling seems to be calling me… for a sojourn in Reserves.


Some nice wines here, wish I could afford the Stodden!

May just try a mixed 6, some really great wines - Love the Muller Catoir Rieslaner BA, not quite as astronomical as many German desert wines. The 2011 Karthäuserhofberg looks tempting as well good vintage and fair price.

Now to persuade my better half that we need more wine!..


I’m the same! And I tried some sweet German wine at a WS tasting and very much enjoyed it - unfortunately it was a bit too far out of my wine budget for the month!

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Thanks for the heads up !

Some offers are just too tempting to refuse. Any resolve I had to not buy more wine has just gone flying out of the window.

FWIW, I went for single bottles of…

Goldtropfchen GG 2018, Schloss Lieser
Karthauserhofberg GG 2011
Ayler Kupp GG 2018, Zilliken
Bacharacher Hahn Auslese 2018, Jost
Hochheimer Stielweg 2018, Kunstler
Weissburgunder Sonnenberg 2018, Julg

The Recher Herrenberg Pinot from Stodden has jumped a bit in price since TWS last listed it ( the 2007 was ÂŁ33 in 2011 ! )


I wish I could justify more wines this month…but sadly… I don’t think I can.

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It isn’t mentioned in the product description, although it should be, but the Bacharacher Hahn Riesling Auslese 2018, Jost comes in a 50cl bottle.


For some reason, good quality German wines (from known names) seem very expensive in the UK. I work in Frankfurt now and then and the farmers market in the centre of town has some fantastic wines for very little money.

For example, a half bottle of Beerenauslese for under 10 euro. I see the only offering on the WS website is ÂŁ38 per half. Worth investigating if this is your tipple.


This isn’t on the list that @szaki1974 kindly provided a link to but it may also be of interest ( it certainly was to me ! )