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Garnacha/Grenache tasting - and title - suggestions please

I’ll be giving that a try.

May not be much use but I learnt at the French Club on Friday night that the French call this year, L’année vin-vin. Seems approriate for a the first tasting of the twenties. Cheers!

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Isn’t every year The wine-wine year?

Not vingt-vin, or vin-vingt perhaps?

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vingt vingt would make sense.

It’s been a bad day when you reach for vin vingt.



I picked up a bottle of Thistledown Wines Australian Summer Road Old Vine Grenache at Waitrose yesterday, taking advantage of the reduced by £1 (until 21/1/20) price of£7.49.

The wine aisle was busy, the shelf was blocked by shopping carts and Mrs M was tapping her feet ready to go, so I didn’t read the label till I got home.

To my surprise and disappointment the wine was bottled in Spain by Bodegas Mosen Pierre located in Navarra close to Rioja, and they themselves grow and make Garnacha. It is 2019 vintage, imported to UK by Alliance wines.

I am puzzled why Australian Grenache is bulk shipped to the worlds second largest Grenache growing/making region for bottling, rather than bulk shipped directly to the UK.
Do the Spanish themselves buy Australian Grenache? Seems strange…

Yes @peterm I saw that in store which stopped me buying. I wonder if the more expensive bottles are the same? I’m a bit wine geeky about bottling away from the winery but can’t explain why. At least the carbon footprint might be smaller.

A warning would have been appreciated @Russ :slight_smile: … I too try to avoid bulk shipped wines.

Re more expensive wines, I would expect them to be bottled by the winery as I assume they don’t make enough to sell locally as well as bulk ship - but what we get in UK depends on their UK importer. May be worth asking the winery:

Notable that ‘Summer Road’ isn’t listed on the winery website. I assume they made it to a price especially for UK importer.

Sorry to let you down, Pete. My only excuse is PSD from finding a quality producer bulk bottling.

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