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Future Plans


As a modestly immodest wine drinker, I consume mostly red bordeaux, sometimes purple & around Christmas I get some sweet bronze or orange, or maybe some pale gold NV bruts (V too sometimes). So why not consider my retirement options, think I, glass of merlot in hand, - everoneone has to retire one day?

Perhaps I could then work part time for TWS, if they think I am worthy. Each day I would be selecting wine for members, making sure I always buy very small quantities of good wines & very large quantities of mediocre ones, it seems to work out quite well that way.

My daily telephone conversations with Alfred Gratien would comfortably fill my mornings (‘Last batch was too crispy & fruity again, Alfred’) while in the afternoon I would be busy paking the excess cases of current red & white burgundy EP to be sent back to the factory, making sure that the required amount of shortage is met & is always distributed evenly across all members. No favouritism.

But in the evenings I would be sitting there again, glass of merlot in hand, writing some future plans related to red, purple & pale gold wine & who knows, maybe some of my bonded cases of six would even start finally getting closer to ready-to-drink stage in a few years from then?

I will then write more about the wonderful cottie-rotties, the extra special chablies, the immense lafits that I will eventually taste & I will let you know my verdict!

(meanwhile back to haut bardin 2015)


The Hygge atmosphere at home with a comfy chair, a great fire, the snow outside blowing about as the hooley blasts through and a glass of something warming does make you ponder life’s enjoyments.
Thanks to EP and VCP, I’ve a growing number of bottles for the retirement cellar. About to have a conversation with a neighbour about space in the old Butler cellar they have… but whats the target number to aim at?

I did think about going out to Oz to work in a winery as a sabbatical or when there was less to do than now… I still think it’s a good idea… perhaps another thread.
Make the most of the bad weather to celebrate doing less of what you don’t need to do and more of what you should!