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Funny wine descriptions on TWS


I just found the following description for a wine on TWS website… I blurred a little spoiler

Bienvenues is rich yet not sweet, firm but not dry, fresh and elegant but not light.”

This is the whole description btw. Would you be tempted by this? Care to guess the bottle price?


Sounds perfect.


Must try harder.

“This is a wine of contrasts…”


Its a large pile of gold coins although the spoiler is the name of the wine :slight_smile:


all a bit broadbentian… the description


well, arguably not a “small” spoiler


Description trying to make it sound like all things to all men…and sounds like a blurb for a supermarket £5 wine…which I’m sure it’s not!


Is this the perfect wine? The verbal acrobatics would suggest so! Must be out of my price bracket then.