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Apologies if this has been here before…

“Due to a technical fault,” a spokesman for the Settacani brewery told reporters in Modena, one of our wine silos was recently connected to the mains water supply. Because Lambrusco Grasparossa is a sparkling wine, it had a higher pressure than the water in the pipes, and began to displace it, running through the system and directly into peoples homes. Thats why some residents in the Castelvetro area turned on their kitchen taps yesterday and found wine pouring out, instead of water."
A local resident added that “some villagers were delighted by the error, and began bottling as much of the free wine as they could to enjoy later, before the mistake was corrected.” I know that Lambrusco doesnt have a good reputation abroad, but our Lambrusco DOC is well regarded here, lightly sparkling and with a complex flavour. However, some of us were more concerned about the safety and vulnerability of our water supply than the opportunity to get some free wine. The local council issued an apology for the mistake, and corrected it, but some residents complained they had fixed it too quickly. I only hope this error is investigated properly. As for the councils apology, that is worth less than water. "

(Gazzetta di Modena, 5/3/20)