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Funky Wine


You need to apologise to my neighbours for what’s now coming their way !

Nothing to do with me, I’m just suggestible.


one word…



Id immediately think of natural wines as well. At the extreme end of naturalness.

I wouldn’t classify Musar as funky.


I could certainly understand it, it if was a synonym for a barnyard-y, Bretty-y, mushroomy smell, which seems to be how @inbar and @SteveSlatcher are suggesting they use it. But things like that Greywacke wine as posted by @Herbster would suggest it’s used to mean more. I certainly wouldn’t want those smells anywhere near a riesling!


But is that to do with the fact that less use of Sulphur increases the risk of Brett, which creates these aromas?

I would consult Jamie Goode’s Flawless, but the book is currently where I am not.


Not the Goodies, then?


That’s true. Wonder why not? Perhaps lower temperature fermentations, and use of easy-to-clean stainless steel.


Hardcore Jollies is a great album :+1:


Yeah, me too, in term of my immediate thoughts. But I might also describe wines with a hint of brett as being a little funky.


If I remember correctly from Jamie Goode’s chapter on Brett, this was exactly the reason for Brett not affecting white wines quite as pronouncedly. I think it was more the lower temperature than the vessels, though.


That 5 looks like S which would then make it a good descriptor of funk and their music


To be fair, I don’t think their music ever made any pretence at actually being good :wink:


The Wienert Tonel 111 with the hit of “rancio” would qualify as funky.



Some of the best wines I have drunk these past few years were like a ripe cheese rolled through silage on the nose… taste nothing like how they smell. Glorious #FriendsOfTheFarmyard


I know it’s different strokes for different folks but that for me is a succinct summary of why I really can’t take a significant proportion of wines that are termed ‘natural’. I like a little Brett as a seasoning but I really don’t want to put in my mouth something I don’t like the smell of. Similarly I have tried durian but won’t be doing that again if I can help it :wink:


OMG!! He’s back!!

Welcome back Chris, glad you’ve remembered your log in :sweat_smile:! Great tasting note too :laughing:


“Funk” seems to have crept into use as an Americanism? - with no exact meaning, very much depends on the context and the food/ drink being described.

However in wine I think it replaces: “Farmyardy” “sweaty saddles” “truffles” “gamey” all of which are often applied to quality Red Burgundy.

Kimchi, Stilton, Porcini, some Islay whisky and especially “fermented shrimp paste” all spring to mind as possessing “funk”. But to be honest it seems a tad lazy as a descriptor for wine.


I like Durian ! memories of Singapore markets (the Durian stalls were always on the outside because the smell is pervasive to say tthe least) and you cant take on public transport or even in some hotel lifts. Taste is rich custard, tropical fruit, and yes “funk”.


I wouldn’t have used the word funk but another four letter word starting with an s and ending with a t :wink:. I too had it whilst living in Singapore.