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Fundraising for our favourite charities


I’m sure most of us have a pet charity or two that we support - with The Society’s position of treating all members fairly we do not acquiesce to the many requests we get from members, as if we accepted one we would have to accept them all, which would clearly be untenable.

As a Society we use a very limited budget to support two charities in kind, namely the Stevenage Community Trust, working to help those in our local area that need help, and The Benevolent (The Drinks Trade Charity) which works to support those in our industry going through hardship, whether financial, practical and emotional support to those in our trade who need it. Indeed my family has benefited from assistance from The Benevolent during an ongoing mental health crisis for one of my children, and I know other colleagues have too.

But of course many of our staff are fundraisers, and to this end we have organised two events this year. The first is for 20 colleagues to walk a 26 mile section of the South Downs Way - our friends at Nyetimber are giving us a sparkling send-off with bacon butties on the morning of Friday 19th May and our friends at Ridgeview are greeting us atop Ditchling Beacon as we finish with a celebratory glass!

We’re already in training - here’s a picture of some hardy souls (Steve, Liz, Jo, Jan and Sadie with Joan taking the snap) in the nearby Chilterns around Ivinghoe Beacon as the recent snows subsided …

… and here are Mark, Rosie, Sam, Steve, Jan, Emma, Ben … and Molly (pic again by Joan) in the Barton Hills, the very last outpost of the Chilterns before flat Bedfordshire!

Our chosen charities for this venture are The Benevolent (mentioned above) and Cancer Research UK.

Via this thread we hope that Community members can let others know of any charitable causes they may be involved with, which would allow for members to donate to causes that chime with them.

Here’s the link to our fundraising page, should anyone wish to donate. Please note that this has been set up by the walkers themselves, rather than The Society.

A team will also be doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks this summer, but more on that later.

Looking forward to hear about others’ endeavours!


Here’s an intrepid ten, snapped by intrepid Ben this morning - nothing gets in the way of training for our team!


Wow, that’s dedication!! Hope you’re going to warm off in a pub somewhere when you’re done… :relaxed:


The sheer number of charity fundraising events happening at The Society were one of the things that really struck me when I first started coming into Stevenage. Staff are always walking, running, cycling, baking and singing. I’m very happy to see this thread.

I’m not currently directly involved in anything but I’m sure there are others here who are fundraising or thinking about it.

Do share your activities here - it would be interesting to know what motivates you and what ideas you have for raising funds.

In fact, if anyone has any clever ideas, I was wondering whether there was anything we could do collectively in the community that would allow us all to raise funds together.

I was inspired by the cork threads - people are so inventive - and I wondered whether there was something we could do, some record we could try to break for example, for charity?

Do you have any thoughts? We’ve got lots of ideas on this board already which we could try - or maybe something else?


Well, it isn’t nearly as long as the team’s march with @Ewan (I’m actually slightly jealous of them … but I still remember the blisters from my last marathon walk) but I’ve just signed up for the London March for Men in aid of Prostate Cancer UK

Is anyone else taking part in one of these events around the country?


The final training walk (23 miles in Sunday’s sweltering heat!) is complete. A lovely view from the last outpost of the Chiltern Hills on the Herts/Beds border.

Just the 26.2 mile section of the South Downs Way to be completed next Friday 18th, with breakfast at Nyetimber and fizz from the Ridgeview gang at the finish line on Ditchling Beacon.


And now, the end is near …

Just 26.2 miles of walking to do by 18 of this intrepid 20!

@NickyG , @Rosie , @BenB , @Steve, Pete, @Chris, Dave, Jo, @Ewan (driving!), @SykoWino , @MrMB (driving), Liz, Joan , @Gareth , Janet, @Freddy, @SamanthaV, Sadie, Alex and Emma are ready and raring to go.

If you want to track our progress, then Instagram Stories could be a good place, plus assorted social media #twschallenge.

And if you feel so moved, you can find our donation page here. We’re raising funds for the drinks trade’s own charity The Benevolent (who have helped several Society folk, including yours truly’s family) and Cancer Research UK (needs little introduction).

See you on the other side!


… and Ditchling Beacon is a truly fantastic (in a gentle, Sussex, picture-postcard-sort- of-way) finishing point. Wave hello when you’re there… I’m just 10 minutes’ drive round the corner :wink:
Well done to you all! :clap::clap:


The best of luck with the walk Euan and will be checking in on Instagram to follow your process :+1:


Thanks, Inbar!

(As an aside. if you’re around Brighton this weekend and want to see/hear a bit of The Great Escape, you can catch FUR (the singer/guitarist is my son Will) on Friday at 9:45pm in the King’s Arms Hostel or on Saturday at 5:30 pm at Beach Club, or at 6:30pm at St Mary’s Church.)


I swear a colleague mentioned FUR just the other day, saying they are worth seeing!! Does he go to Brighton Uni, perchance…?


He’s at BIMM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXllKXhFMEs


Ah! he’s in another Brighton institution (I mean ‘institution’ in the best possible way!)… Small world :wink:
I’ll try and catch one of the shows, though I might be out- but either way fingers crossed it goes well for them!! :smiley::crossed_fingers:


Lovely song, by the way!! :+1::+1:


That is a proper song. :+1:


Good luck with your challenge starting today folks!!!

Lovely weather for it


Bucchus smiles upon thee! :sun_with_face::wine_glass:

Good luck!!


Yes! Fingers crossed it all goes well!! Sussex is like a little piece of heaven this morning :sun_with_face::grin::rose:


Fab breakfast generously prepared for us at Nyetimber Vineyard, before hitting the road.


I love a liquid breakfast!!
Jealous!!! :grin::+1::+1: