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French wine advert from a few years back


Not quite sure where to post this, but I suspect resident shoeophile Leah may know the answer…

I was trying to find a copy an advert that I think the wine marketing board of Bordeaux put out about 20 years ago that had a photograph of a glass of wine that looked like the back of a high-heeled shoe, or maybe it was a shoe that looked like a glass of wine. I think it was seen in tube stations or maybe on tube trains in London, but maybe more widespread?


Ooh sounds interesting … I’m off to search the inter web :wink::wine_glass:


I’ve tried without joy!


Mind you, I did come across this - some in questionable taste, possibly, but mostly just clever…


I think this is what you are thinking of


That’s the one! Great find!
A bit like inverted Louboutins, I guess…


I’ve got that picture as a 6x4" fridge magnet.

It’s a lenticular image so depending on the angle you look at it you see either the picture above or the lady in the red dress sitting on a bars tool that looks like a red wine glass

But was their advertising budget wasted? The image was remembered but attributed to a different region :slight_smile:


Post a pic of the second one!


Difficult, Alex, as its a rough surface (lenticular) and one has to look at it at the correct ange.


Have you tried? Wonder when I’ll next see you. May have to send Mr Mutter to pay you a visit!