French travel-writing competition opportunity

Fancy winning a £200 voucher for travel to France? Share a travel-tip with The Guardian

It was the blurb that caught my eye:

“Whether you’ve enjoyed a break in Bordeaux, hiking in Haute-Savoie or just popped over to Picardy please share your experiences”

… my own mind turned immediately to the wines of their example regions (and ciders!)

This is nothing to do with The Society, but I was sent this mailer with a link to a competition for a short travel tip and I’ve been amazed by the wealth of experience in this community when it comes to travel, so thought that maybe someone here might be interested:

In around 100 words tell us about your trips to France in late May and June, including details of places to stay, routes, restaurants and cafes – and please don’t forget to mention prices where applicable.

Oh, and if you submit something, please do share it with us too! I’m sure there are many who are starting to plan summer holidays already