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Frankket- staying in Stevenage


Thinking of visiting the Wine Soc. Any recommendations for overnight stay nearby


We stay in the Premier Inn near by. Walkable to the showroom, comfortable, nice staff and decent breakfast.


Fyi @Frankket this forum is public, and so now is your email address.


Thanks for the warning… Wasn’t sure as the dialogue box asked for a link and I took it to mean where replies could be sent…so put in my email


When are you going there? I shall be there Thursday night for a tasting.


I cant advise ref accommodation BUT there are some brilliant pubs in the villages nearby (The best in the UK… but I could be biased cos I grew up just down the road in Welwyn)

Bulls Green: The Horns
Datchworth: Tilbury (used to be Inn on the green) OR the plough - both good.
Welwyn village (not Garden city, it’s a pub wasteland): White Hart, Rose & Crown.


Thank you for the pub recommendations. I look forward to visiting the area and my first trip to the society. I wanted to join in for a lunch at the Soc. unfortunately their lunches are all sold out…so the pubs will come in handy.thanks


Will be going Nov. 29th