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Franconia wine

Has anyone else tried wine from the Weingut Wirsching case yet? We tasted the Sylvaner last night - it’s very impressive. Attractive now, its power suggested there is plenty of development to come.
Do the WS intend to repeat the offer and/or start stocking more Fanken wein?

Which vintage? I had all of the 16s and have the 17 case in reserves. I thought the same case was listed every vintage.

Hi. It’s 2020. I’d not noticed previous offers. How were the 2016s?

It’s a pity that they’re not featured as single bottles amongst other German wines. Evidently 80% of Franken wines are consumed locally. I can understand why.

I only followed since 2016 and seen it listed every year, I missed the 2020. The 2016s were very good.

It can’t be the bottle shape…


If you enjoy Franconia wine then I can very much recommend a night or two in Wurzburg. Beautiful town in the heart of the region and the vines reach right into the centre. The locals (and us tourists!) gather on the main bridge over the river to enjoy a glass or two after work…


for Wirsching sylvaner all you need is the Wine Barn Wirsching Wine | Franken Wines | Silvaner | Riesling | Scheurebe – The WineBarn

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Thank you, Alchemist. I was researching how to get there, it seems the simplest by train. And, as you say, Wurzburg looks very interesting.

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Thank you, I’ll have a look. Perhaps the WS will start stocking more regularly.

I was fortunate to go to The Wine Barn’s German wine tasting a while ago and I would heartily recommend the Silvaner GG vintages which were fantastic, as well as enjoying the wines made with Scheurebe. The Silvaner Grand Cru were the wines of the evening for me and worth every penny - complex, delicious, flavourful and rare.


Thanks VV. Would have liked to go to Wine Barn’s tastings but not a London resident. They look to sell some interesting wines.
Thanks for the recommendations.

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I don’t live in London either, but I’d travel a long way for a taste of those wines… :yum:

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Good point, VV

I wasn’t sure whether to post this here, or on the German wine thread, but probably best here.

We are going to be spending three nights with some friends near Würzburg at the end of next month. Apart from Wirsching, does anyone have any recommendations for producers to visit? I’ve previously had some very good Horst Sauer wine (stocked by NY Wines, who also seem to stock Fürst). We’ve also tried a wine from Bürgerspital Würzburg, which looks like it might be worth a visit.

All suggestions gratefully received!

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Worth it for the last bottle of the 1540 Steinwein alone…! I take it one can have a glimpse of it…? :thinking:

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Fascinating to read about that. Was it brought en primeur, I wonder?

Have a great time. Love to hear about it. How are you getting there?

I will be in Alsace with our car from next week, but Mrs Robert is currently in Hong Kong, visiting her mum (finally out of quarantine, and enjoying herself!). I’m working until she flies back to Frankfurt, then I’ll pick her up and drive to Würzburg, before we return to Alsace for a week’s holiday :slight_smile: We’ve been meaning to visit the friends for a while, and the stars all aligned :slight_smile:


Fürst worth visiting, although further (West, if I remember) from Wurzburg than some.

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I wasn’t in Würzburg long enough to explore too far outside the city itself but Juliusspital in the city is well rated. Tours, tastings and a shop.

If you’re in the city itself and the weather is pleasant towards the end of the day then I do recommend heading to the old main bridge (Alte Mainbrücke), where at the Eastern end you’ll find a small place selling local wine by the glass through a hole in wall. Then find yourself a comfy spot on the bridge and soak up the atmosphere. The photo up-thread was taken there.

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  1. Visit the enoteca at Iphofen - huge range to wines to try and buy and they do light lunches too

  2. Go up to the Weingut Am Stein cellar door / tasting above the city and include a walk along the Wurzburger Stein vineyards

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