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France road trip - Loire experience

You may well be more updated than me. But it’s the best venue/ setting of the big three and they do make it all on-site.

No i would think you have more up to date experience of the caves - i havent been other than to taste/buy for some years. Given the time lapsed i shall give GM another try :+1:
With regard to BL, Decanter did run a story about the family buying it back in 2015 with hedge fund finance .

Another vote for Filliatreau! Great wines and fantastic tastings at ‘La Grande Vignolle’ overlooking the Loire. In addition, I suggest visiting the Abbey of Fontevraud, one of our favourite places in the region. The buildings and gardens (and the museum covering the history of the place, including its function as a prison) are stunning. There is also a fantastic restaurant (less keen on the hotel); an evening meal there allows for a magical walk through the gardens at night, when all the day’s tourists have gone.


Thanks all for recommendation. We had to defer the trip as our friend’s little baby is not well to travel abroad. Taking wife to Champagne and Alsace but hoping to do this trip later this year or next year as we now have the car.

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Driving back from France, how much wine are we allowed to bring?

  • beer - 42 litres
  • wine (still) - 18 litres

You can also bring in either:

  • spirits and other liquors over 22% alcohol - 4 litres
  • sparkling wine, fortified wine (for example port, sherry) and other alcoholic drinks up to 22% alcohol (not including beer or still wine) - 9 litres

We are two adults and a baby. Is below allowed per person or total for the whole family?


The allowances are ‘personal’, but don’t apply to under 17’s. You can’t share your allowances, which I suppose means with someone who happens to be travelling in your car.


You can’t share your allowance, but if someone else is in the car, I’m sure customs aren’t going to demand proof of ownership if you have 36 bottles of wine in the car.