Fourrier Offer - Another Chave 2015

Whilst I hate to throw stones, disappointing to see that TWS has managed to misprice the recent Fourrier offer so horribly; I’m guessing much of this will be headed out to other merchant’s broking lists shortly.

E.g. 2015 Clos St Jacques - £150 vs £425 IB (c£510 on the table).
2016 " " " - £220 all-in vs £385 In Bond (so near enough £500 after tax).

How are or were these priced??

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A case of damned if you do, and damned if you don’t?

I’d say that as a cooperative that is run for the members’ benefit, then TWS got this spot on. Offering outstanding wine at fair prices (if £150-220 can ever be justified for fermented grape juice… :wink:) is their raison d’etre, and why many people join up.

The fact that others want to try to charge higher prices doesn’t make TWS wrong in my opinion, but this is a debate that will always polarise views. If one is in the market for wine of this price/quality then be thankful that at least TWS offers it a something approaching cost, whilst the rest of the free market looks to maximise profit… who wins?!


Given that the TWS price went from £120 (2014) to £150 (2015) to £220 (2016) - an 83% increase across those vintages - would also perhaps suggest that TWS have responded to market forces? Just not as much as others?

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Given that an allocation system is in place for wines of this sort when purchasing EP, I guess I wonder why a similar approach isn’t used here. Yes it’s work (on both sides) but a reasonable quid-pro quo for such hefty discounts!

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Indeed - that’s a different question to pricing but given the price differential then an allocation system of some sort could make sense.

I know in the past TWS has been surprised and caught out by the sudden popularity of some vintages (e.g. the Chave Hermitage 2015). The Chave Hermitage vintages for 2011, 2012 and 2016 all remain stubbornly in stock, but 2015 was like hot cakes. Sometimes I think wine related message boards (this one included) can work themselves up into a frenzy, that when reflected on in the cold light of day looks a bit odd.

Anyone for a glass of Furmint…? :wink:



Joke aside, it truly is. Interestingly the 2016 Chave is still available after the price came up significantly from 2015. Also if the Roumier can be on allocation, why cannot this. At the same time it does not matter, it is just wine.


Only what has not been bought by other wine merchants. :wink:

Hi everyone! :smiley:

I’ve got some info on this which I hope will help.

We do understand that when it comes to wines of this calibre, we have to be careful about how we price them, so I hope it helps to know this decision wasn’t taken lightly, and also wasn’t made by one individual. Our Fine Wine Merchandiser consulted with various people, including the buyer and our Head of Wine, to make sure we priced these at what we considered a fair price for our members.

Not to worry - we’ve limited them to three bottles per member to make sure as many members get a chance to buy and enjoy them as possible.

Hope this helps alleviate any concern about these. They’re still available online now, if anyone is interested… (wish I could afford one! :smile: )

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I have rather enjoyed the fact I can get hold of a few bottles of a couple of decent wines at what seems to represent fair value for what is in the bottle rather than what the secondary market demand. Not having access to primary allocations of these wines, this gives me the best chance to enjoy them and I think that is inline with TWS aims.

For all individuals to miss out because a few choose to flip seems like a bad way to go. I do thing serial flippers should be rooted out however!


Just don’t make them angry…


@Alchemist how glad am I that it was you that added that last line!!! :innocent:

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Looks as though a few more have gone up (with some going out of stock just as fast):

I think Fourrier is over-rated.




Whilst the limit of 3 is better than none, there’s still the very real problem that most members don’t even get a look-in - these parcels are flagged here or elsewhere and sell out in minutes. An allocation process (as done for Ch Musar dinner in London I note) would address that…


Ordered 3 PC Fourrier’s as I’m curious as to what the fuss is about. Glad they take 3 in reserves as otherwise I’d probably crack them too early. Hope my future self is grateful. I imagine this is deeply into the law of diminishing returns

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Hi Laura,

Some of us are utterly delighted at offers like this though I’ve not managed to ever really snap up anything as I check the boards and site too infrequently. (I think you need an hourly refresh 7 days a week).

At the discounted prices (or original purchase price) I’d have snapped a few up just to try , where as at current market price I’ll just never be able to.
A 3 bottle limit is very sensible so please keep pitching up offers like this as many of us like them. I think most of us are just miffed we miss out and don’t see these things until too late.


For those in the mood a bunch of Domaine Dujac have appeared (unless I missed them before).

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And some Roumier Chambolle. Expensive but good vs market.

Bit of an odd time to be selling all these. The 2018 burgundy en primeur offer is out and I doubt coronavirus is going to encourage us all to spend, spend, spend.

Oh well. Good job I’m skint, at least I don’t have to worry about what to buy.

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well, the wine society needs the cashflows for the wine that it has already been puchased - so here, I mean about the Dujac.

For the 2018 EP offer, the society has more flexibility, by actually not spending if the members don’t.
so it is actually the right time - just before EP - to come out with these kind of offers…