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Forum/Community technical issues

(Starting a new topic as I know the forum uses separate software from the main site, and I am not sure my issues have anything to do with the recent upgrade. Should we have a “Technical” category @TeresaGirao ? Couldn’t find where this topic really belongs.)

I’m using Firefox on Android, and have “installed” the TWS forum, which puts an icon for it on my phone “home screen”. Yesterday, I noticed the following behaviour:

When I open the forum I first see this screen:

Then after a couple of seconds it changes to:

It is the initial presentation I have been used to on my phone, and I think it is better for the screen-size. It is also a bit annoying having to wait until the format changes.

Also I have recently noticed that when you click on a user, the detailed information is only partly visible:

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It’s maybe a small thing to compared to other issues, but I find the topic list format extremely annoying.

  1. The new format shows me half the number of topics I used to see

  2. The way it changes each time I open the forum means that I just have enough time to start scanning the topics, and then that is interrupted for a second or so as the format changes and half the topic disappear.

My guess is that someone changed something relatively trivial, thinking that it was an improvement, but maybe it is my fault, and there is a better way of using the forum on my phone - in which case I would at least appreciate someone explaining how to sort this out.

(I can live without being able to see user details on my phone, though that is more obviously a bug)

Hi @SteveSlatcher I just checked on my phone and the community pages still appear as per your original screenshot, and doesn’t change after loading - so I wonder if this is something specific to you or your Firefox/Android, and not as of a result from a change at TWS?

Recent Android update or similar? The latter of the two screenshots looks much more like it would be from Firefox on a PC rather than a phone to me.

Not sure that helps, but maybe others can comment to see if Steve is alone or if this is a wider issue?

I’m the same as you Matt, I’ve not noticed anything different, whether on iphone or firefox & chrome on pc


Mine is also the same as the first screenshot using chrome on android

The whole thing seems to be complicated by choices between desktop and mobile versions, and whether you use the website or “app” version of the forum. Also perhap by the fact that I have “installed” the forum on my homes screen.

I regard myself as being computer-literate, but when companies keep making-up new terms without explaining what they mean I start to lose the will to live.

Regardless, it used to be fine, and now it isn’t, and I feel I have already wasted enough time messing about with settings. The net result will probably be that I use the forum less. “Threat or promise” I hear you ask :slight_smile: