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Formula One

The season starts next weekend in Austria.
For most of Sports Fans, the last 4 months has been purgatory, with a restart now but no idea how various sports will deal with the Pandemic.
I do however embrace the notion of a F1GP weekend or even a double header!! :+1:
Given how badly the US, Mexico and Brasil have handled the Pandemic, I cannot see us visiting there -this year. :cry:
But a cobbled together season, at least for the moment, will do for this Sports Fan who has so far seen the Olympics, Cricket, Rugby, 4 months of the F1 season, et al consigned to the Wheelie Bin!! :cry: :wastebasket:


And off we go with the first F1GP weekend.
It has been along time coming. :open_mouth:
Austria is not my favourite track,being so short,and only a 65 second lap.
The race lasts around 82 minutes, which is nothing!! :open_mouth:
But in the context of a pandemic, most certainly better than nothing!! :+1: :wink: :grinning: :dragon:


Mrs Aspedini says she is right with you on this. She’s a right old sports addict.

She’s not that interested in wine, though…

It was a good race, especially the plethora of retirements. :clap:
So much for the notion of cars being so reliable these days.
The kerbs in Austria are car wreckers. :grinning:
I will watch the CH4 Highlights today, for a compare & contrast. :open_mouth:

And another race in Austria.
Up until last Sunday, not a fan of the circuit; but the race was great fun to watch.
9 cars retired, Lando Norris of McLaren getting his first podium and lots of hard luck ::cry: :cry: stories!!
The excitement this week might revolve around the forecast downpours for tomorrow, so a possibility of qualifying and the race on Sunday, when good weather resumes!! :+1:
So something to look forward to!! :grinning: :dragon:


1.2s :astonished: were all the rest driving :tractor:

And a one/two today!!
Ferrari made a nonsense of their race.
This may be an awful season for them.
But I am just so pleased to see F1 back, now to Hungary next week.
And Cricket, but the outcome seems to be problematical!! :open_mouth: :wink: :grinning: :dragon:

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Vettel is not the force he once was. Inheritor of the Maldonado-en spoon.

It’s only the first test of the series we lose.

Improbably, (perhaps) we now need to win both tests in order to wrest the pesky Trophy :trophy:from an impressive side.
And after last summer,it would be a courageous journo to have the brass neck to suggest that it was Saint Ben’s fault, even if it was - although it wasn’t!!! lol :rofl: :rofl:
We have it all to do.
The upside might be that the weather forecast looks ok for Thursday and beyond! :+1:

Hopefully a good race in Hungary this afternoon. :pray:
About a 70% chance of a wet race :+1:, which should make it exciting.
Terrific to have a F1GP, a Test Match and for footie fans a FACup semi-final with Man Utd v Chelsea on free-to-air (BBC1) TV, all on a summer Sunday!! :clap: :dragon:

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Another good race, with Lewis delivering the goods.
Off to Silverstone for the next two GP’s, the organisers seem determined that a program of events will come thick and fast!! lol
Roll on, I say!! :+1: :dragon:


A triple header with 2 Silverstone weekends and then Spain.
Just getting some sport is fantastic, I just hope that it continues!! :pray:
Hopefully Lewis does well but also Lando & George!!
And Channel 4 covers the race live, this Sunday. :clap: :dragon:

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Bottas takes pole at Silverstone, shock horror!
The Hulk 3rd, who would have thunk that. lol
It should make a good race tomorrow, who will risk a one stop after last week - the Racing Gods are smiling for us?

Maybe 27 deg C this afternoon which might play havoc with the longevity of the tyres.
We might even be treated to the sort of mayhem of last week’s race. No doubt some teams will roll the dice, looking for points.
The Cricket yesterday, now a F1GP - I cringe at my monthly Sky bill, days like today soften the blow!!

was away for the first GP so listened on 5live…the last lap with no visuals was amazing !

well done to Max for the win…we passed Red Bull just after the race had finished

im looking forward to some of the Raes from the more obscure circuits…lets see what racers can do and not computers !

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And Louis pockets another Pole, crushing the rest of the field.
And tomorrow, with Max and Daniel on the 2nd row of the grid, and the upstarts Albon and Ocon on the 3rd row, there might be carbon fibre flying all over the end of the starting straight AND WITH rain forecast, we may just get an exciting race!!
And the weather forecast for Monza, next weekend is sunny!! :pray: :wink: :dragon:

I see some comment on line, that F1 has become boring. :open_mouth:
It was the same when Schumacher was running amok in his Red Car, not forgetting when he parked up in Monaco or tried to run a fellow competitor into a wall.
Vettel has been no angel trying to run cars off the road. And now in a bad car, is continually being embarrassed by his junior team mate. And I have little faith if he gazumps Perez’s seat at Racing Point next season. He might find that if he reverts to previous antics with Lance, the multibillionaire Stroll Senior will not stand for it!! :rofl: :rofl:
And so the currently maligned Lewis, who is at the peak of his powers.
He has won World Championships with several teams.
He, by and large races fair and has a moral compass that many, many before him lacked.
On 89 Sunday afternoons, this lad from Stevenage has had our Nation anthem played.
If you want to know more about him, his struggles, the abuse and errors, then read this?

Believe me, we will miss him when he is gone!! :dragon:


I am a big fan of Lewis. People talk about the car, but that is part of F1, and a big reason why the manufacturers compete.

He certainly hasn’t been fairly treated by the British honours system.

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do remember - he may have declined an honour

My son is a massive Vettel fan -from the days when he was at Red Bull …our local team (well one of as whichever road we take around here we seem to end up with an F1 link!). Personally I think he’s good…but not great!

Lewis suffered with that youthful enthusiasm early in his career but over the last 4 years he really has become a ‘Statesman’ in the game - apparently very good to work with too

As for Vettel’s future…family man is my bet