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Forgotten Wines

I saw this article by Joanna Simon about finding a long-forgotten bottle of Schoffit Clos Saint-Théobald Rangen de Thann Gewurztraminer 1988, during a house move and thought it would be a good idea for a thread.

My contribution is a 2001 Rioja Reserva, Barón de Chirel, Marqués de Riscal, purchased in 2012 (£184 x 6) from Lay and Wheeler, when they were part of MWW. I though I’d drunk them all but discovered one left a weeks weeks ago. Opened yesterday it was terrific with more fruit than a lot of old Rioja.



By co-incidence I have just posted on another forum about finding ‘forgotten’ wines being the reason I started using CellarTracker in mid-2006.

Going through all my wines to enter into CT I did find some forgotten ones, a half of 1971 claret, a brace of English wines from the '70s and three 1980 vintage Portuguese reds. The latter may still be drinkable - I’ve been keeping them waiting to pour to show that age on its own doesn’t make a wine great. I think the others are past it.

Your 2001 is a serendipitous find for not knowing you had it, but 2001 is not old, it wouldn’t have been on sale till 2005 at earliest…


Accidentally found this as I was moving bottles around one of my wine fridges. Must have bought it opportunistically, as this is, as far as I know, the only bottle of this vintage I’ve ever tasted.


Good idea for a thread. I’m sure I can stumble across a few candidates as my large wine storage fridge has a back and front section to each shelf and of course withdrawals and deposits tend to only involve front of shelf action as it’s a pain to remove them all and bring forward back of shelf inhabitants !

I don’t keep a record of what’s in there and I don’t recall doing an inventory for some years. So this will be a memo to self to do so once Purgatory is over and will undertake to post any “re-discoveries”…

A post-script to add - fascinating piece by JR about a tasting of some very old Sauternes on her Website - it’s free for all and so you don’t need to be a subscriber to view it. Puts our interpretation of “forgotten” wines into perspective…



Thank you for that. David Dugdale was a friend and I was honoured to (twice) have dinner at his home (and was able to reciprocate on another occasion - I recently found a lengthy letter of thanks in which he gave his tasting notes for the wines which I served). In the late 1980s he led a tasting of Sauternes which he provided culminating in a 1967 Yquem. Chez Dugdale I recall some 1930s clarets and a vintage port from the mid-1890s.


When my parents moved house in 2001 we found some 1978 blackberry and apple in the garage. After 23 years it was still as horrible as I remembered.

Here at home you made me look, and found a 2010 Volnay and some Banyuls amongst the port(*) for some reason - both forgotten by me and you don’t hear about Banyuls very often anymore so you could say is is forgotten by everyone.

(*) a stack of 4 cardboard boxes in a corner, not a Rothschild :slight_smile:


From my late father’s cellar. How do we think this might have held up :rofl:


Does it have a bit of residual sugar? If so i wouldn’t be surprised if it was ok if the storage had been ok!

I think that’s a dry sylvaner based blend, priced below the bottom of Hugel’s own range (they are the producer, as strongly suggested by the label). I would imagine it won’t have survived, but stored in a cellar, maybe it has! Do report back!

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Its survival will probably rely on the condition of the cork. I can’t see from the photo, but if the level is close to as-new, then it will probably be fine. Significant loss of level may suggest you ought to have something else on standby.

No clues as to the blend in the back of the wine. Fill level looks decent, although for me at least, harder to judge on these bottle shapes vs say a standard bordeaux shape.

In any case, I’ve popped in the fridge and may give it a go tomorrow!


Unfortunately it tasted pretty terrible. Cork was in bad condition and it crumbled on extraction. It went down the sink.

Had a G&T instead!