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Forgotten Wines

I saw this article by Joanna Simon about finding a long-forgotten bottle of Schoffit Clos Saint-Théobald Rangen de Thann Gewurztraminer 1988, during a house move and thought it would be a good idea for a thread.

My contribution is a 2001 Rioja Reserva, Barón de Chirel, Marqués de Riscal, purchased in 2012 (£184 x 6) from Lay and Wheeler, when they were part of MWW. I though I’d drunk them all but discovered one left a weeks weeks ago. Opened yesterday it was terrific with more fruit than a lot of old Rioja.



By co-incidence I have just posted on another forum about finding ‘forgotten’ wines being the reason I started using CellarTracker in mid-2006.

Going through all my wines to enter into CT I did find some forgotten ones, a half of 1971 claret, a brace of English wines from the '70s and three 1980 vintage Portuguese reds. The latter may still be drinkable - I’ve been keeping them waiting to pour to show that age on its own doesn’t make a wine great. I think the others are past it.

Your 2001 is a serendipitous find for not knowing you had it, but 2001 is not old, it wouldn’t have been on sale till 2005 at earliest…


Accidentally found this as I was moving bottles around one of my wine fridges. Must have bought it opportunistically, as this is, as far as I know, the only bottle of this vintage I’ve ever tasted.


Good idea for a thread. I’m sure I can stumble across a few candidates as my large wine storage fridge has a back and front section to each shelf and of course withdrawals and deposits tend to only involve front of shelf action as it’s a pain to remove them all and bring forward back of shelf inhabitants !

I don’t keep a record of what’s in there and I don’t recall doing an inventory for some years. So this will be a memo to self to do so once Purgatory is over and will undertake to post any “re-discoveries”…

A post-script to add - fascinating piece by JR about a tasting of some very old Sauternes on her Website - it’s free for all and so you don’t need to be a subscriber to view it. Puts our interpretation of “forgotten” wines into perspective…



Thank you for that. David Dugdale was a friend and I was honoured to (twice) have dinner at his home (and was able to reciprocate on another occasion - I recently found a lengthy letter of thanks in which he gave his tasting notes for the wines which I served). In the late 1980s he led a tasting of Sauternes which he provided culminating in a 1967 Yquem. Chez Dugdale I recall some 1930s clarets and a vintage port from the mid-1890s.


When my parents moved house in 2001 we found some 1978 blackberry and apple in the garage. After 23 years it was still as horrible as I remembered.

Here at home you made me look, and found a 2010 Volnay and some Banyuls amongst the port(*) for some reason - both forgotten by me and you don’t hear about Banyuls very often anymore so you could say is is forgotten by everyone.

(*) a stack of 4 cardboard boxes in a corner, not a Rothschild :slight_smile: