For those who want more Amarone in their life

Bottles of Amarone seem to be few and far between on the list, which is bad news for those of us who are partial to this guilty pleasure. I check from time to time and can now report that there are two products available currently… moreover one is a half bottle offering. I have enjoyed with steak in the past, have not tried the current two, but put them in my prospective order…

Allegrini I rarely lets you down so have high hopes for this one.

Have you tried these examples? Are you a fan of Amarone?


I completely agree that Amarone is a wonderfully fine wine however it’s like Hen’s teeth trying to find any in the U.K. I would say that price may be one reason, however wines also expensive from Italy such as Barolo or Brunello get sold regularly through TWS (Including EP) so I do find it confusing why Amarone doesn’t get a better representation. If you haven’t tried an Amarone then you must. I always think of it like a cross between Red wine and port due to the way it is made.

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For those new to this style here are some useful links…

What is Amarone?
How (when) to enjoy Amarone?

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I too, love the stuff, but drink it very irregularly - due to price. I usually wait for discounts in M&S or Waitrose, so in the past had some lovely ones from Cantina di Negrar and Villalta. Not top Amarone, obviously, but very good ones nevertheless, with amazing flavours and long finish. It can be quite addictive!
I’m really pleased to see a couple from TWS- I think both will go in the Christmas order…
Edit: just noticed the second one is half bottle… still! Might give it a go!

I too lament the fact we don’t see more Amarones coming this way - I did quiz Sebastian (Payne MW, Italy buyer) about it a while ago and if memory serves, @Rich29 is very much on the right lines: the wines aren’t cheap and demand is not as great as the 'B’s mentioned; but I live in hope as I also love the wines!

To @szaki1974’s query: haven’t tried the Tedeschi for a while (previous vintages have been very good), but I love Allegrini’s - nicely balanced, spot-hitting without being head-splitting, and tastes even better with a few years under its belt.

I’m also a huge fan of this southern sort-of-lookalike, made in a similar way but down in Puglia using air-dried Negroamaro grapes. Expensive again, sadly, but if you need a special-occasion cheeseboard centrepiece, I can’t recommend it enough!


I do like an occasional bottle of Amarone, and coincidentally mentioned the Allegrini on the recent weekend drinking thread. I shared a bottle with friends on Friday and can confirm it’s very good! Everything you’d expect from this style of wine - rich, deep fruit, smooth and good length.

Definitely a wine to sit, sniff, swirl and contemplate life with :+1:


We love amarone but certainly don’t profess to be experts on it. I had read about it needing a few years in the cellar (we have some 2011 and 2013s that we’re holding at the moment) - looks like that 2015 is drinking well now though

This one, also from Vallone, is 70% negroamaro 30% susumaniello - a kind of baby Graticciaia without the air drying, but a great intro to the grape and the winery, and friendlier to the pocket :wink:


Amarone will always hold a special place for me and Mrs @Ewan she was a designated driver but she did have one glass early on that evening …

Soon after joining the wine trade, with the memory of that 1988 epiphany still very much alive, in 2000 I bought 6 bottles of Speri Amarone 1994. The first bottle (Christmas 2000) was amazing - the second (Easter 2001) was disappointing, and the 3rd (40th birthday, June 2001) even more so … I left the other three alone for three years, having heard that Amarone can go through a dumb phase - indeed it can. The final three were stellar, drunk in 2004 & 2005!


A couple of other value options that one might consider as a “gateway” to full Amarone but at significantly less cost…

Both share some similarities in their production method, with the Ripasso using the Amarone lees to enrich the base wine; and the Baccolo also partially drying the grapes prior to pressings to concentrate the flavour and sweetness.


When I was on Honeymoon in lake Garda in 2001 I picked up a few bottles of Speri’s 1995.
The first bottle was drank 5 years ago and it was amazing. Maybe I should drink the last one soon.
Also it was in Lake Garda that someone recommended I join The Wine Society.


Ahhh Amarone… I suspect is one of those pink unicorn wines, easy to imagine how it should be - but rarely encountered… In my experience the cheap(er) stuff is surprisingly available (Co-op, Morrisons) yet isn’t up to much; head-achy 15.5% and as another poster says “somewhere between red wine and port” which has put me off.

I imagine the good stuff needs bottle age, a decent producer and is inevitably somewhat pricey. If anyone can suggest a bottle under the £28 mark I’m interested!

Currently there are only 2 Amarone on the list . I’ve checked this because I’m off to Ireland this year for Christmas, well hopefully, if the car insurance company would ever give me my money to purchase another car :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:. Anyway, my Dad will always have Amarone on the table over the festive period and it will predictably be from Masi . I don’t think he’s ever ventured away from Masi so thought I’d bring him one from another producer but unfortunately the choice isn’t great . I wonder if there are any plans to stock a wider range ? I understand decent Amarone isn’t the easiest to come by but with @Sarah taking over the buying for Italy, maybe that will change . Fingers crossed :slightly_smiling_face:


Worth trying ripasso too from good producers. I think you probably need to pay well over 25 for a good Amarone these days. A good ripasso Always much better then an average Amarone.


I do enjoy and drink ripasso but as you said, good Amarone isn’t cheap . I have a Bertani secco which I’ll probably take over for him and while it’s not Amarone it’s orobably a good second . :wink:

Yeah, I miss having a good ripasso around. Seems they’re hard to find these days. There are times I just want a proper slutty wine (but without any horrid overt oak). There isn’t much that fits the bill - primitivo Is a good one, but again it’s hard to find a quality one.

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This is a great primivito, again a wine I’ll be taking across for Christmas :+1:

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Anyone tried the two available from Aldi?

The cheaper of the two gets a good write up in Decanter. Been meaning to buy them for awhile, anyone tasted them?

Alivini list several Amarones from different producers.
They have been one of the top Italian specialists for several decades and now appear to have an online sales presence whereas I know them as trade only.


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