For the parents among us

I saw this on “Hurrah for Gin” and thought the parents of young children may appreciate the “silly season” :sweat_smile:

To do list…

  1. Choose school Christmas dinner options.
  2. Complete end of term project (what is end of term project?).
  3. Get tickets for school Christmas movie night.
  4. Bring in donations for charity Xmas hampers.
  5. Sponsorship for school reindeer fancy dress fun run.
  6. Buy Christmas jumpers for school Christmas jumper day.
  7. Buy Advent calendars.
  8. Organise Father Christmas visit?!?
  9. Think about scary tax situation.
  10. Should really do Christmas cards this year? No.
  11. Remember to go to various friend/school/work fun festive socials.
  12. Remember to be a fun festive person at fun festive socials.
  13. Get tickets for school Christmas play.
  14. Realise can’t actually attend school Christmas play because working.
  15. Explain to small child that mummy can’t attend first Christmas school play because of being career obsessed bitch.
  16. Cry a bit.
  17. Buy tub of Quality Street.
  18. Eat Quality Street whilst doing more crying.
  19. Do ALL of Christmas shopping.
  20. Do everything else as well.
  21. FML.
  22. Drink lots of mulled alcoholic beverages until feel better.

Exhausted just reading that list @Leah! There’s just the two of us oldies but even we find the run up and preparations daunting. Panic on yesterday when the tree lights finally gave up the ghost after 30 odd years service. All sold out at our local Sainsbury’s but saved by a box from the in-store Argos!

Mind you, as I play in two bands I am exhausted by all the Christmas gigs. Just one more to go - in a pub full of Saints supporters! They ask us back every year, and all is well as long as we play When the Saints go Marching in at least four times😬 They will be in a good mood after yesterday’s result.


This reminds me of the first stanza from Philip Larkin’s Vers de Societe:

My wife and I have asked a crowd of craps
To come and waste their time and ours: perhaps
You’d care to join us? In a pig’s arse, friend.
Day comes to an end.
The gas fire breathes, the trees are darkly swayed.
And so Dear Warlock-Williams: I’m afraid—

I love it! :partying_face:


You got 30 years out of a single set of lights? That must be some kind of world record!!! Or they were actually made by elves with, y’know, magic.


£3.99 from Woolworths in 1982!

The annual ritual of working out which bulb is duff and replacing it to get the set working is now a thing of the past. The replacement set cost a tenner from Argos for a string of 120 LED lights. I bet they won’t last as long!


Oh fond memories! By the time our set was retired my sister and I had trodden on pretty much every plastic flower and they were looking very sad


Did you climb the tree? :wink:


The tree was the only thing in the house more shonky than the lights!!


Oh so that’s why Woolies went down the drain - they sold stuff that lasted 30 years though, to be honest, that’s not quite how I remember their merchandise :smile:


Ah yes we have done that over the years too! A couple of the lights had been “deflowered” in that manner :flushed: Mostly though a large number of flowers with bulbs of the wrong non matching colour cos its was Hobsons Choice with the replacement bulbs.


I’ve got so fed up with the four sets of lights on my tree I’ve just chucked a set on the side … the tree’s a monster this year :see_no_evil::gun::christmas_tree:

…and as you can see a set has already died at the bottom :tired_face:.

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Childhood memories - we had that exact set whilst I was growing up…knowing my father its still somewhere in the loft