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For the discussion of Rioja

Since we’re talking about Waitrose, would also note that the Muga rosado at 7.50 after discount looks exceptionally good value (not having had 2019).

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Austere would be it, I had the Tondonia 07 at a gastro pub just before lockdown and that would be in my note. It reminded me of a claret, which wouldn’t be a good thing but the softer spicy strawberry note made me enjoy it a lot but think it would better in 5 years.
I often think claret would be better at sometime later.:grinning:

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That’s a really good price and on par with buying from Decantalo! It’s a great Rosé, stock up :+1:

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Way too many disappointments with Tondonia, personally. I don’t bother now the price has gone up so much. Bosconia also a bit variable, but seemingly not as much.

Is that the TWS Contino 10 special bottling, Russ?

Well it was from TWS but just the normal reserva.
Good wine but not as good as ardanza imo.

I had this last night. It was beautiful. Fresh and lifted with a wonderful perfume.


Always good but 2010 is Especial (sic)
Drunk mine and need to restock


A sensational wine, got a few more on order now as I’m running low

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Interesting article on Rioja with the impact of COVID here