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More elegant take on Garnacha / Tempranillo I can recommend the Olivier Riviere Gabaxo. 9 months in used 500l casks. Again - deviates from the DO rules with the aging but the result is perfumy and delicious.


Interesting ps …

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I sold a case of Vina Real CVNE GR 2016 very recently and have almost instant regret :grinning:It has great reviews and looks good value. Justified FOMO or not? Anyone tried it? Comparable to same vintage LRA ardanza?

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I have some bottles. I won’t be opening them for a considerable amount of time however - Vina Real is an absolute bargain for a fine wine, and it will live much longer than any comparable Ardanza vintage. Quality wise? I’d say probably a notch above it, but it’s a slightly different wine, more a Burgundian interpretation, if you will.


I’ll have to buy a bottle now ! The person I sold it to has already marked it up by 40% (!)


The lack of communication from TWS clearly leads me to believe I have not won the competition that came with the Rioja case. As such, I don’t want to sound like a bad sport but I wonder if I should use the promise and return the wine :joy:.

Of course the wines are too good for that, Rioja is one of the places I really want to visit looks like I will need to do it on my own dime.


For anyone who’s interested …. And I’m sure there will be plenty, Tim Atkin has just released tickets for his Rioja walk around tasting on February 13th

The Best of Rioja Wine Tasting with Tim Atkin MW