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ISTR the Decantalo email 3-4 days ago listed it at £26(?) I think.

Are both of those prices including/excluding duty and VAT?

Just taking a break from relentless work email and was curious, although highly confident that Majestic is unbeatable. £19.99 pb just 2 months ago.

Viña Ardanza Reserva 2016 · Buy it for £32.40 at Vinissimus- vina ardanza 2012 £32.40

Viña Ardanza 2016 and 2015 | Decántalo. £31.40

Both DP but at those prices, they should be. I hope this is a blip but, as with the price inflation with Musar, you just never know. It doesn’t help with FOMO…

Your link to Decantálo shows a price of £27.27 DP (plus delivery).

Majestic regular mix 6 price is £26.99, and it’s available from numerous UK merchants at around this price. Personally I’ve usually waited for Majestic, a discounted price at or close to £20 generally appears at some point each each year.

Vinissimus seems well out of the game price wise on most wines I look at post Pandemic/Brexit, can’t see much point using them anymore unless I couldn’t find a wine anywhere else. Decantálo is usually more competitive, at least for things I’m searching.

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How odd. it’s very much showing at the higher price for UK delivery, for me at least.

2015 showing at £26.27, 2016 £27.27 for me.

Possibly some sort of dynamic pricing mechanic going on here which might explain the slightly odd total prices.


I hope I’m wrong but I’d be surprised if we see majestic selling this at £20 again. It’s getting more expensive everywhere and Majestic themselves seem to have increased the normal price just last week.

Are you logged into their site with it set to UK delivery? I’ve found the website shows different prices until you make sure it knows the delivery location.

Also, if anyone has a credit card that offers near perfect exchange rates you can save a little bit buying in euros for UK delivery as the exchange rate used on the site isn’t as good.


Yes I have a Currensea card and if I’m buying anything from Europe I always buy using the Euro price and I get a better rate than anything their bank would offer or my own uk credit cards would offer. Currensea charge based on the mid ForEx rate at the time of purchase plus a 1% commission for them. Hard to beat.


Having had another look at Decántalo, I think you may have had the currency set to Euro. Their font makes the Pound and Euro symbols look very similar.

Euro Version

GBP Version

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Not logged in, but site showing UK pricing.

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That’s the same pricing I get - GBP.

Sorry, replied to the wrong post, should have been to @Furryshark


You’re right. I thought changing the country to the UK would sort that and I did think that it’s a dodgy looking pound symbol. Still a resistible price however, but am wondering, along with others, whether the £19.99 Majestic specials for the fantastically reliable Vina Ardanza is a thing of the (recent) past.


If anyone is interested:

Vina ardanza at £22.79 a bottle for a 6 bottle case.Viña Ardanza Reserva 6 Bottle Case 75cl 2016 – North & South Wines