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So is the new 904 worth £300 / 6 in bond?

Given the seeming upward trajectory of wines from Rioja in general and a certain reassessment of prices (again upwards) by the traditional producers isn’t a more pertinent question something around whether it compares to other wines in that price bracket?

Ultimately a wine is only worth what you’re prepared to pay and enough of us are still buying Tondonia at double what it cost only 5 years ago. Why shouldn’t the same apply to LRA?

Not trying to cause an argument by the way, just there’re a lot of posts along the lines of “is this wine worth the new higher cost” lately. Maybe a lot have been underpriced for too long.

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That’s a fair point. I think Rioja has offered incredible value for money for a long time now, this seems to have changed since the pandemic. Prices were rising before but it seems to have changed significantly since then, this could also be driven by the exchange rate, Brexit and inflationary pressures too.

I’m considering whether there is a better value out there before I decide on this offer.


I think Cubillo and Bosconia are still bargains for how great they are - but definitely more expensive riojas are looking their qpr


From a few murmurings I’ve heard recently, expect a hefty price increase for the next vintage of Cubillo :frowning:

Why do all the wines I like shoot up in price? :sob:

I assume Prado Enea next?

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You’ve just persuaded me to stick a case of the 2008 Tondonia away with BBR. Need to stock up on back vintages whilst it’s still affordable!


'98, 01, 04, 05 and 10. JSL…

And be quick!

BBR have some 2004 I am also tempted with. Will wait to see what the WS offer the 2011 at.

Liked the idea of a fresher, aromatic vintage in 2008.

The 04 is very good.

L&W have the '11 in at the mo, including in half bottles - which I couldn’t resist picking up a few of. Super useful while I wait for my big stash of '10s.

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I’m not particularly taken with 2008 TBH. 05 is my preference, a very mid weight, quite aromatic vintage. It has a lot of acidity(and very high VA if I remember the tech sheets correctly), which I think is going to carry the elegance in to old age (at least, that’s the plan).

Don’t know what it’s being offered at in places, but that would be my bet for best value of the last decades worth of vintages.


2008 was £160 per six and the 2005 is £220 per six.

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Fair enough. The 904 is currently £15 cheaper than the 2015 TWS are offering. That will probably last until the end of this evening!


Right @Tannatastic and @willrcwyatt !!! This is demonstrating why the community is bad for my bank balance!

@Tannatastic I ended up buying a case of the 05 from the bodegas when on holiday in Haro, they said it was incredibly different from previous vintages. I really liked the 1 bottle I’ve had so far, now holding off trying it again for a few more years.


Which UK merchant has the best selection of Rioja? Is there a specialist?

Planning to be in Haro this June are prices significantly cheaper there @Winestwit ?

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Please do report back. We are heading there in September for a trip that was originally planned before the pandemic rudely caused for things to be rearranged.

Only have 2 nights after a weekend in San Sebastián….but yes will do.


Unfortunately, the last time I was there was 2019, I found it cheaper in all the main bodegas but obviously a lot has happened since then so I don’t have any more update info.

I’m very jealous! Trying to engineer a visit myself at the moment.


I’ve just scrolled through my CT data, and it seems the answer is ‘an eclectic mix’. Of the 447 bottles I’ve bought, only 12 are from TWS, so I’d say they’re not really in contention.

There’s a large seam of wines from L&W and Majestic, but (Majestic in particular) these are overwhelmingly old purchases, so I don’t know if either of them still stand.

And, rather depressingly, most of my purchases from about 2015 up to late 2020 were from Decantalo and Gourmet Hunters in Spain, when price and availability were good. (I’m sorry this isn’t of more help!).

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