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For the discussion of Rioja

Well, the Contino Reserva 939 2019 is now on sale at a similar price to last year EP (£99/6 IB)


I got a case of the Bosconia too, I’m firmly of the opinion that the 2010’s in Rioja represent a vintage of a lifetime, and as such I’ve gone heavy on them. All the ones I’ve tried so far have all supported the theory (confirmation bias? :grinning: ), so I’d say buy pretty much anything 2010 with supreme confidence, and it’ll probably work out ok.


Not from 2010, but the Hermanos Pecina GR is lovely stuff at just under 30 euros for the 2011. Traditional in style. I personally find Tondonia a tad austere for me.

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Not just similar price to last year – but same price as the 935 (2015) and 936 (2016), +/- £1 per six.

The end of the drinking window was given as 2031 for the 935; and 2032 for the 936. The 939 is also given as 2032.

What are they like?

Still in TWS storage…

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Am contemplating opening a trail bottle of López de Haro Classica Gran Reserva, Rioja 2004 with some BBQ pork today. Max temp here 27C today so fairly comfortable and perhaps not too hot for a red. I usually double decant most reds but am wary of doing so with a 2004 and wondered what others thought…18 years isn’t so long for a rioja so is either nose or palate likely to be fragile?

I haven’t had this one, but recent experience with 2001 CNVE GR was that it was still incredibly fresh, and benefitted from a gentle decant - it then continued to evolve (positively) over the course of a few hours.

However, it migh be worth opening in advance and pouring yourself a small glass to see how it reacts before commiting?


Not had the 2004 but the 2001s I’ve had didn’t need decanting at all

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I would consider a gentle decant to separate from the sediment. At least that’s what I plan for mine. However I suspect it still has a good few years left in it and I doubt if it’s going to be particularly fragile at this stage.

I’d also agree with @MattH; I had the 2001 last year and it was still quite fresh and lasted me for my usual several days of drinking with no issues.


That is a terrific idea. Thanks all, sound advice as ever

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Has anybody had their order for Tondonia 2010 fulfilled? Still shows as “in progress” on ‘my orders’. The wine is currently showing as out of stock :thinking:

Yes my current order includes one and it is now showing as done and I’ve had notification that DHL have my parcel from TWS.

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That’s good to know thank you Sir!

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I have the same and called TWS yesterday- if they’re going to reserves the order status should be updated by the 20th, apparently


Mine arrived today. Ordered from wishlist before arrival.

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Great cheers all