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For the discussion of Rioja

Really? I’ve never found drinking windows on their website and I thought they always say their wines can go on indefinitely.

Yeah, I don’t think they specify an exact date, but they advise it’s for now and not intended/designed for keeping. It’s all relative though - I think any halfway decent Rioja from any halfway decent producer will last for years anyway.

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Link from my post on the Bordeaux thread, equally relevant


Having successfully scored some La Rioja Alta 904 2005 recently at auction and being blown away when I opened a bottle, I decided to try and get some of the 2011 to lay down for a wee while. Of all the places Fortnum and Mason has stock and comes to £45/bottle if you get a case. Topcashback is offering 3.4% cashback as well. The website doesn’t actually state the vintage but it is 2011. Just passing this on in case of interest. I am not spending any more now for a while!


Thanks. I’ve had a taste of this at a Nichols and Perks tasting last year. Was a great wine.

Had a few LRAs that night. The oldest 904 was from ‘97 (from memory) was absolutely stunning. For me, it beat an 890 (‘98, I think) from magnum.

I have some 904 2011 too. Won’t broach one until 2030 at the earliest. Suspect I’ll still have some of the six I’ve got in 2040. Lovely now will be a real treat then!

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I also attended that tasting. It was a great session wasn’t it and the cost of the ticket redeemable against LRA wine I recall. I am sure your future self will be pleased when the time comes to partake.

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It did but (sneakily) it was only available to use against cases of 6 so I didn’t end up using mine. Otherwise I would have got a bottle of 890 with it. I don’t normally spend more than £50/bottle as a rule.

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Yeah, I put it against a case of Vina Ardanza 2015 EP. It came to a little over £22 DP, delivered eventually. Not bad, although Majestic might beat that in time….


For the record, I’m not bitter about the voucher. The tasting alone was well worth the money paid.

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This could be good, I enjoyed the last zoom event with la rioja alta during the first lockdown, probably will be unable to resist buying some after launch too



I noticed this week that the Viña Ardanza Reserve, 2015 is to be made available in Sweden in half bottles. Does anyone recall if the same format has been offered at TWS? Would be jolly handy.

This excites me far more than it should.


Could be a Rees-Mogg drinking buddy too, though I suspect he has none.


I’d say Nadine Dorries…but the thought of what a drunk Nadine Dorries might say frightens me even more than the thought that the only man in the world to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and think that the Child Catcher was the hero actually has friends, that I pushed the idea firmly from my mind whilst a shiver ran down my spine. :astonished:


In many an off-the-cuff, evening TV interview inside or just outside parliament, she has often appeared, to me anyway, to be ‘tired and emotional’, as the euphemism goes.


… usually followed by a resignation, ‘to spend more time with the family’… we can only hope.


@strawpig , Would love to hear what the wines are like when you succumb to temptation…


One of the whites is already in the fridge.


Well? Its been 25 minutes, how cold do you want it?


My last purchase for a while (famous last words) I decided to blow some budget on these, 6 to reserves!


For me this is what makes the society great; stored until it’s ready, a great price and limiting the number of bottles so more members can benefit.