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For the discussion of Rioja

Kick off in a few mins….


I bet the '97 wins hands down. :sunglasses:


A lovely sight


The 890 was the stand out for me. My first time trying both an 890 and the 904. Just beautiful wines. La Rioja Alta is really hard to beat for price-quality ratio. I redeemed my £55 voucher against a case of the Vina Ardanza 2015, which took the DP and delivered bottle price down to £22.30, which is not bad. I just have to make the space for it now.

Here is a screenshot of the “favourite wine” poll. Some stiff competition and the 3% against the wine I bought is a little misleading but it couldn’t hold it against the 904s and the 890. Fab wine!


For those that might be interested I’ve just received notification form L&W that they are selling 1997 LRA 904 gran reserva for £75 in bond (around 92.68 duty paid).


Seems a little pricy to me for something that CellarTracker reviews, whilst good suggest it’s coming to its end days. L&W say 2028 CT says 2019. Reviews suggest it’s pure tertiary with little or no fruit but very good for that. Either way it’s above my budget!

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The '97 is an outstanding 904.

However, the thick-end of £100 is also a lot of money.

I’d like to, but I shall also pass

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That seems to be the going rate: https://www.nickollsandperks.co.uk/1997-La-Rioja-Alta-Gran-Reserva-904_1

It was very good and I agree on the tertiary flavour observation. There was also some fruit but quite muted. I was 5 wines into the tasting by then. Spice and some liquorice undertone to my palate. It didn’t come across as “dying majesty” but I wouldn’t buy it at that price either.

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Being completely fair, this is ex-cellar and by the bottle without a minimum purchase so not a completely fair comparison.


A fair point if you wanted less than a case, then you’d be hard pushed to beat L&W.

I have a short term opportunity to acquire some La Rioja Alta Vina Alberdi Reserva 2016 for £11.99 per bottle. I like my Rioja albeit not at the exalted level some of you aficionados seem to enjoy on here, but does this look like a deal to grab? Like seemingly everyone else on here, I’ve over bought for Xmas, but I guess there is always space for a real bargain.


Make sure you detach them from their sockets at that price! :smiley:


Ooh, where is that? You can also get Faustino I gran reserva 2010 for £11.75 at Asda until the 12th iDecember if you buy any 6 bottles of wine.

I think that looks like green for go…


Waitrose, down from £18.99 to £14.99 but I also have a voucher equating to 20% off, to tempt me back shopping with them before 12 Dec.

Also picked up quite an interesting Argentine Malbec blend, Gaia from Domaine Bousquet for £7.99 and a decent Cru Bourgeois Medoc 2015 for the same money.


No connection etc -2 x Tondonia res magnums going at L&W for £33.50 ib.

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What vintage?

Sorry 2008

New vintage online for the Cubillo. Same price as the 2012. Still a great wine at a good price



Even by TWS standards that drinking window seems very conservative. Cubillo should last at least a decade after release should it not?

Good price though!

The producer says not (which is where I’m guessing TWS get their information from), but in reality, yeah, I’d not be worrying about drinking them up quickly.

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