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For Sale The Wine Society List at £21.52!


On Abe Books .co.uk I see that earler copies of the List are for sale. I see that the The Spring List for February -May 2001 is available from a bookshop in California for £21-52 plus £30.03 shipping.
So hang on to your lists you may find they are worth more than your bottles in years to come.
Anything is worth money if you can find anyone fool enough To buy it.
Some years ago I went to a book fair in york and found a rather a nice copy of Larks Rise to Candleford for £36.00 . I didnt buy it i came home and found a copy for £16.OOon Abe Books . When i got i found it was still in its plastic wrapping and was brand new. Someone had purchased it new and not opened it and then perhaps had died. The House clearance resulted in the new book being sent to an antiquatian bookshop for sale at a secondhand price. I feel sorry for the customer who purchased new and not had time to open it and read it.


That’s bonkers why would anyone want an out of date wine catalogue? I guess it takes all sorts.

I know what you mean about prices; I picked up, also from AbeBooks, a second hand copy of The World Atlas of Wine for a fraction of its new price and, like your book, it was still wrapped. Perfect new condition.


They are only ‘worth’ that if someone actually deals at that price…until then it’s finger in the air…


The advantage of a book, over bottles of wine, is that a dealer can pick up a book & leaf through it and in a matter of less than 30 seconds arrive at an accurate assessment of its condition and a realistic asking price. And even two hundred years later, with proper storage, that book can be in the same condition and still be a desirable commodity…


I have many old wine lists - interesting to see what they say when I go to drink a bottle a {cough} few years later…and to see what the price was then !

Also have every Guide Hachette des Vins from the last 15+years…they are very handy for the same purpose

but…according to the collection thread…I dont have a problem ! :rofl::joy::rofl:


I used to keep old Lay and Wheeler lists from the 80s…think I threw them out due to lack of space and also getting upset when I saw the prices…then and now!


I had a pile of those too. Back in the days when they had things like an 1815 Bual on the list…


I meant 1980s! :joy:


No seriously, back in the very late 1970s or early 1980s L&W had an 1815 Bual on the list. It was around the time they opened a concession in Keddies Department Store (anyone remember them?) in Romford.

That Concession was how I first came to know L&W. My first purchases from them including Dom Ruinart 1976, Talbot ‘78, and ‘63 Taylor.


Wonder what the box of old lists are worth next to my desk, the November 1890 list has Palestine wine, Hebron at 16/- per dozen, Jerusalem at the same price.

Sparkling Burgundy was at 39/- for a dozen, Chateau Lafite 1865 was at 72/- per dozen, there is also an Australian Mossgiel red (NSW), apparently it has a fine Bugundy character, 22/- per dozen.


This combination of insects and underwear does not sound appealing. I know that the ‘farmyard’ aspect of red Burgundy has its fans, but surely this is going too far?


The Palestine Wine Co still sells its “no. 10” in the U.K. I believe it is a cooperative and was founded in 1898. I’m interested in the Hebron and Jerusalem wines TWS carried in 1890; what kind of wines were they, I’m assuming they weren’t kosher wines?


I have the whole lot from May 1980 to Jan 2013 apart from July to Oct 2008 and Sep to Dec 2010 as well as a few more ending Feb 2017. Any takers??