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That’s how I’d understood it as well. Kind of a shame, but good luck to them.

Please report back on how this was! Been thinking about going for it

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I’d guess it’s less zeitgeist now and they have a two star restaurant, which is bound to be a better money spinner. I’m now tempted to give the box a go (although trying to only use restaurants within walking distance at the moment… I could walk there, I guess!).

I’m sure that’s true. I always enjoyed going there though, felt so London and decadent. Bottle of interesting fizz, loud music. The box at home is fun though.

Have wanted to go to Kitchen Table for ages so lockdown birthdays provided enough of an excuse for the box. Will report back @mpreston91


James Knappett tasting menu was great. Food all excellent, mostly pretty foolproof and lots of fun. Took over four hours.

@Martyn we ran out of little spoons for plating things up before we ran out of crockery :smile:

Jerusalem artichoke soup with apple and hazelnut salad and truffle creme fraiche stuffed crispy artichoke skin:


Has anyone used Pasta Evangelists?

I’ve neither tried food boxes nor fresh pasta so thought this could be an introduction for me to both.

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We have, about 12 months ago. Pretty good stuff, and portions are just about shareable if you chuck in a handful of spinach or serve with foccacia.

You might want to try La Tua for comparison - we haven’t done it yet, so some feedback would be good!

We tried Nonna Tonda this week. They are really good. Pasta is made on the morning of delivery. 1/2 price for the first two weeks - £6.25 a week for a meal that feeds two, you can cancel any time. Meal options are meat/fish or vegetarian.


We also tried Nonna Tonda. The portions are generous and we liked the taste, too. I think it is only London they serve.

OK, Sailbrand deliver nationwide but I go to their premises in Huddersfield (open Mon to Fri mornings only) - this is the firm all the restaurants, pubs, hotels and fishmongers actually buy from - so you are getting your fish easily a day or so fresher - and the prices are brill (see what I did there). Typically the fish are BIG so expect to portion up and freeze some.

For meat: it’s got to be Farmison (Ripon) - you can even select which heritage breed you want for your meat and the only place I know that sells hanger (onglet) steak. All at Yorkshire prices.


This is owned by Jancis Robinson’s son. Good meat and larder stuff. Excellent bread.


Aktar box coming tomorrow and… my mystery case. Wonder if there’ll be a wine match?

I wondered about ordering both boxes, but now I’m humming, “curry box is coming, curry box is coming”, to the tune of the Coca Cola ad.


Prepare to end the week quite a lot heavier than you started it. I weighed the contents of ours last week. 8.5kg!


Thanks for the prompt! I’ve now ordered a box for delivery on the 23rd.

Made in Olstead by Tommy Banks last night. Superb, and good value. Had the vegetarian menu.


I can confirm the curries were superb. So much nicer than anything local.
The four of us have eaten for two nights and there’s at least two more nights worth(remains in the freezer).


Had the Northcote box this weekend. Really enjoyed it - no pictures of the main course, we’d consumed most of it before I remembered!! It was delicious :yum: No pictures of the mince pies or chocolates either, not got to them yet… The salmon was voted the best dish he’d eaten this year by confirmed carnivore son-in -law :astonished: Portions were large and could have been halved to provide a meal for two days. Our mistake to try consume them all at once, resulting in pudding with another meal next day and difficulty finishing our main course despite its’ deliciousness.


Have also enjoyed several Tommy Banks offerings and one (although still have some in the freezer!) from Aktar Islam. This lockdown scenario has brought some positives!

Thanks to Martyn for starting the thread and everyone for posting links and reviews :grinning:


Missed the soup!


Same menu enjoyed by us this weekend. Completely agree with your comments and our favourite was also the salmon.

The Good Food Guide keeps what it claims to be a full list of GFG-rated restaurants offering nationwide delivery here:

And they have some specific recommendations (including some of the people mentioned above) here:

Our favorite so far was from Northcote a couple of weeks ago - excellent from start to finish. It was too much for one sitting so we spread it over two days and it was more than enough - and that made it really good value too!