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Booked the seasonal Lebanese lamb feast from Arabica for next weekend. Mouth is already watering!


We very much enjoyed our first delivery from The Angel at Hetton this weekend. Splendid one Michelin star food, and relatively straightforward work required in the kitchen (thoughtful touches like one standard oven temperature required for the various dishes, etc). Several small courses, including a small but very well chosen cheese board from The Courtyard Dairy (from whom we have also ordered separately , and they are excellent!). As we usually find with these “fine dining” packages, there was more than enough for dinner for two spread over two nights, which extends the feeling of treating ourselves, and makes it better value!
We’ve got Crockers at Tring booked for next weekend - the adventure continues!


Didn’t realise Crockers did boxes. Can you let us know how it goes please @ChiantiPeter - restaurant is reasonably local to us… (and hoping to get back there when the country awakens).

Will do, gladly! I think this is a fairly recent development, initially collection only, with nationwide delivery only starting this weekend. Our hopes are high!


Also had the bocca di Lupo meal last week. Veneto Mare for us. Our second one from them and compared to other boxes we’ve tried they really have found a great balance in terms of quality vs faf. One dish in the oven, one in a pan, a side salad and a dessert straight from the fridge. No trying to work out how to shuffle pans around the hob and really easy meal to prepare.


Yes - one of the good ones :smiley:

Slightly perturbed by the March photography, however. I’ve never wanted to eat something that I was scared to approach!


Did you go for main restaurant or the ‘chef’s table’?

Looks like one of @robertd midweek suppers!


I thought the same! They could have taken a more appealing photo… Gurnard is one ugly fish - but delicious nevertheless.

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I’m not sure there is a way to make gurnard look pretty. Certainly not a whole one. But it is particularly good cooked whole so you have to accept the ugliness. As @Inbar says, it is delicious and one of the cheaper fish. If you’ve never tried it you should.


Ha - i meant it in a positive way! (his creations always surpassing any culinary efforts that grace our table).


Mrs Robertd has vetoed it on the sensible grounds that you should never serve a whole fish on top of rice, in case the bones get mixed up when serving. :laughing:


That doesn’t look like rice… :slight_smile: … I do get the the general idea though

Very nice comfort food from Bar Douro
Good value and tasty stuff, all came well packed and fresh. No photo of the pata negra but it was delicious!


Yeah, on closer inspection it looks more like fregola than risotto rice. Maybe pearl barley.

Edit. I have also been told off. She never said rice. She said “small bits of carbohydrate”. I thought “rice” sounded snappier.

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Our Crockers choice was “chef’s table”, the non-veggie options.

The first of the new menu at Northcote is released today, but that’ll be a mad Gonon-esque scramble for a very limited allocation, no doubt.


Yes a wasted 45mins in Northcote queue. My random position was 1350 for 350 boxes. Last week I was late locking in and closer in the queue. Not sure how that works.

I think a lot of folk pull out when their randomly-allocated queue number is way beyond the available boxes. I started at 595 today for the 349 boxes available, but was a frustrating 7th when the last box was sold! Hoping for better luck next week…

Cash & Kari by Hoppers, as recommended by @Brocklehurstj up thread.

Really looking forward to this - it’s just me so thinking of splitting it all in half and having a feast tonight and tomorrow night (that’s an entire chicken in the middle for scale).

Bonus pic of my cat called Kari:


Looks like he’s trying to work out how to get into that package… he can probably smell the chicken!

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